Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Beckett's Upcoming National Show Report: REVEALED!

Guys, I just got an exclusive preview of Beckett's national card show report, as my personal psychic has dictated it word for word to me per her vision of the future. At this point in our technology, we are unable to time travel into the future, but this is a pretty good replacement. For your warning, I want to post this just so you have an idea of what is going to go down this week, before it happens. Thanks to Madame Cleo for this:

Beckett Is A Bright Star At The National Card Show

By Tracy Hackler, Editor, Beckett Everything Magazine

Golly! What a week at the national card show! We had a blast showing everyone the awesome things that Beckett has done over the last year as well as what is coming up for 2009 and 2010! I cant believe how many collectors we met, as well as all of the amazing things that at the best booth at the show! Here is a recap of what went down.

- Most of you heard about the Pristine 10 BGS Montana RC from last year's show, but just wait until you hear about this year! In front of everyone, we graded the first ever Pristine BGS Michael Jordan 1986 Fleer RC! It was a sight, and a great investment for a collector who wished to remain anonymous. At least he was wearing a Beckett shirt, which was great for working the booth after the commotion died down! Who would have guessed that the biggest card grade in history would have come from the biggest show on the planet? We didnt!

- There were also a ton of people who came and told us how much they loved seeing us do our Beckett Box Busters! Unfortunately, there are a few vocal people out there who tell us that this is a huge problem, but the ten or so people we talked to all told us how much they loved it. Shows how much those downers out there know about collectors! Then, when those Beckett fans broke the boxes we gave them, they told us about how much more they loved the Beckett Box Busters! We aim to please!

- On Friday, our own Chris Olds and Timmy, a ten year old collector from Cleveland, got a chance for his own special episode of box busters! Thanks to our "friends" at Panini, they were able to break dueling boxes of Panini's upcoming Absolute Memorabilia, more than 2 months early! To our amazement, Chris ended up pulling a 1/1 Michael Crabtree auto patch! Talk about luck, right? As for Timmy, he pulled a sweet Andre Caldwell auto, so he went away happy too!

- Beckett also unveiled that in addition to grading cards on the spot at the show, they were also starting up the first ever completely graded card live auction! We opened the huge Beckett vaults, pulled out as many 9.5s of some of the most important cards in history, and made them available for the first time to you! The auction was a huge success, and it also allowed us to pay the electric bill we have been trying to avoid paying for so long. People may have complained that the cards we sold didn’t look right, but our grades are completely legit, as they always truly are. These are the ones graded by our top graders over the last few years, and the grading standard has been accepted by collectors worldwide. Also, some of these graded cards will be available again on the new Beckett Graded Card Marketplace, where you can buy the 9.5s directly from us!

- We also got compliment after compliment from kids at the show who told us how happy they were to find out that their collections were worth so much in the price guide. After using our "my collection" station, 8 year old Joey C found out that the cards his dad had given him from 1987 were worth over $1000 dollars due to the sheer number he had! Again Beckett satisfies another collector, good luck selling those million cards Joey!

- Fresh off his sweet box break, Chris Olds was also a big hit! He wowed us with material from the best blog on the net, showing everyone why the Beckett blog should be the ONLY stop you make on the blogosphere. We are so glad to see that his work paid off in talking about the Craigslist Collector Corner, where he tried to educate a few people on how outdated their ads were. He also showed a few previews for his expose on the fake Topps rookie premiere autographs, as well as his "man on the street" features. Chris is definitely the most innovative blogger out there.

- Lastly, Panini and Beckett embarked on a long standing relationship with our teams formally announcing that all high end Panini products will feature Beckett/JSA authenticated player autos, as well as a special Panini page on the Beckett site. Despite accusations that the new partnership stood against everything that is right and just in the hobby, we promised that no favoritism would occur. In fact, we even showcased the first pricing for Panini's Donruss Elite, the most valuable set of the year so far! This is great news for this new company on the block, as well as great news for our new special Panini Market Analysts, who will be working directly with the manufacturer to make sure all pricing reflects exactly what the cards are worth.

The folks here and in Texas cannot wait for next year's show, so be sure to check back to Beckett.com for more overage and pictures!

Im so glad that Madame Cleo had such a good vision of the future! This is some gold right here!


  1. "We aim to please!"

    Haha...more like beg and plead for someone to still pay attention to us...

  2. "Unfortunately, there are a few vocal people out there who tell us that this is a huge problem, but the ten or so people we talked to all told us how much they loved it" Wow really TEN PEOPLE yep that proves it!. Shows how much those downers out there know about collectors! Chris pulled a 1/1 big fn surprise. I just FN puked all over my computer thanks! FN Beckett I feel sorry when that kid with the 1987 cards tries to sell his $ 1000 collection! beyond stupid they are getting better at Bullsh**ing people every day! Grant

  3. Simply brilliant!! If anybody is willing to donate a "Beckett Sucks" T-Shirt printed on front and back in a size XL I will proudly wear it at the National

  4. Grant, this whole thing just flew right over your head. Sorry dude.

  5. Wow, how lucky those people were to witness BGS grade a Jordan RC "pristine".

    Seriously??? I never used to care about Beckett one way or the other, and still don't other than a reference for who's in what sets, but now it's getting weird. Why would they grade it as anything less and discourage anyone and everyone from submitting cards to them?

    I should start my own grading service, two grades only: "Yep, pretty nice!" and "Damaged, but still a nice card."

  6. I'm not surprised a beckett write up did go over my head. Thanks

  7. I understood your prediction it wouldn't surprise me

  8. OK, took the time to read the whole thing through. It's so ridiculous it's funny.

    Joey C. has 1987 cards worth over $1,000 due to sheer volume. Ha ha ha ha, I'm seriously laughing so hard my eyes are watering. He must have a million Wally Backmans about to be posted on ebay. Poor sap.

    Who'd have guessed that biggest card grade EVARR would happen at the biggest show? I would've guessed, that's who.

    Oh man, good stuff.

    "Downers.." Yeah, shows how much YOU know, Gellman! They literally needed two hands to count all the people who love them.

    And now they're auctioning off cards that THEY grade themselves? Oh boy! And they're SO unbiased that they even showcasing the most valuable set of the year... which is oh-by-the-way their partner, Panini! And Chris Olds is the most innovative blogger out there, NOT EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO WAS DOING IT FIRST, AND WHO'S IDEAS HE STEALS FROM!

    Wow. I didn't understand the Beckett hate before, but now I do.

  9. Ha ha, I just realized this was a joke, too, which makes it even funnier.

    I'm an idiot.

  10. Ok, the dripping sarcasm of this post was lost on a few people who didnt read closely enough. Maybe I should just predict the future.

  11. No, I'm just an idiot on occasion. And if it was an actual story really how far from the truth would it be? I just thought Beckett finally went ahead and got it over with! Instead of hiding it. Grant

  12. Very funny...maybe they'll get Sidd Finch to make an appearance. Great work!

  13. I heard they were also gonna announce that they were gonna buy boxes from actual card shops for thier "busters" videos and that they will use eBay sales to influence the prices in the mag