Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2005 Artifacts May Be My Favorite Baseball Set Of All Time

Dont get me started on the value of busting this product, but I love so many of the cards from this set that I wish more of it were surfacing lately. See, the issue with this set is that boxes of 2005 Artifacts could be some of the worst box breaks known to man. However, if you hit a biggie like the Mauer I just bought, you may have one of the sexiest cards produced in the modern era.

The problem with 2005 Artifacts was that it was as much of a checklist poop as it was an on-card auto mecca. Some of the autographs from this set were so bad that they bordered on insanity. A while ago I covered some of the cards, including a relief pitcher that only made like 8 big league appearances before cashing in the chips. Cards like that are the reason that no one would pay the price tag of 100 bucks a box. Also, because the good ones were so rare, its like UD knew what was going to happen and designed them as gods among men. Trust me, do some searching, you will see what I mean.

Despite the lack of a good checklist for half the set, people like my man Billy Packer saw the diamond in the rough. In fact, for that favorite Mauer patch set of mine, he has collected over 80% of the whole thing, including hard to get ones like Jeter and Griffey. As with most tough tasks in the hobby, he has hit a roadblock on the remaining cards he doesnt have yet. That means that if you are at the national, send him a PM at FCB if you see one he doesnt have. I know he would greatly appreciate it.

Of course, that patch set isnt the only amazing part of the product, either. It is filled to the brim with jersey button/laundry tag/on card autos, as well a many other dreams for player collectors and team collectors alike.

Listen, I know the product in general has a ton of down points, but the highlights are too beautiful to ignore.

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