Friday, June 12, 2009

2009 SPX Football: What Are Shadow Box Cards?

Per the info that has been released for 2009 SPX Football, there will be a new technology that has never been seen before in the cards. Per the release, they are called "Shadow Box Cards" which bring in flooding visions of cards that look like recessed display cases.

Could we have a new thing where you have a mini display put into a pack of cards? Even if they dont contain pieces of jersey or autographs, its a cool concept to say the least.

The info also states that these cards will be one per case, meaning that they will be tougher pulls, and that auto versions are included.

I have put in a request to Gregg to give me an idea of what to expect. I will let you know if I hear anything, SPX is looking jam packed...

From the new presells:

2009 SPx Football (09/15/09 Release)
4 Cards per Pack/10 Packs per Box.

Look for a rare new technology that has never been seen before, the SPx Shadow Box Card, 1 per case!Search for Autographed variations too!Up to Four (4) Signatures in every box!Including one Rookie Signature Triple Memorabilia Card. Six (6) Memorabilia cards per box!All Memorabilia cards are foil numbered! At least 3 Autographed Memorabilia or Multi-Signed cards per case!


  1. I've always loved this product and I'm looking forward to a couple boxes come Sept - NICE!

  2. Lets just hope all UDs collation issues from last season are resolved before this arrives.