Tuesday, June 9, 2009

2009 Upper Deck Black Football Is Coming...

Per the discussion forum on the UD Football page on facebook, reps from UD have confirmed that UD Black is coming to football.

I have one word to describe my feelings: PUMPED.

Although the price point is VERY high, a la Triple Turds, the cards usually look ridiculous (good ridiculous) and there is not a million parallels of each card. On top of all of this, there are usually minimal diecut spell outs, and the checklist is great. If this is anything like Basketball, there will be guaranteed A list autos, and there will be lots of top level guys in each case outside of that guarantee.

Because of all of these things, the value per card is MUCH higher than any Topps high end crap product, and the value per box goes up after release. Last year, basketball was at around 200 per box, and then that price skyrocketed after the plethora of all the Jordan and LeBron that were coming out of many of the cases.

Hopefully UD will not whiff on this product, I know we will have a few breaks on here for sure.


  1. Gellman-

    Seriously?!? Pumped?

    Everytime I see an Upper Deck Black box break anywhere I ask myself what are these people thinking.

    I believe in Basketball it might be worth the chance because of the high value of Kobe, MJ, LeBron but in football I just can't see many players carrying that same weight because of the fact that they aren't exclusive to Upper Deck like Kobe, MJ, LeBron.

    Why would I risk $200+ on 2 cards when I could get 6 cards for National Treasures (not sure with Donini's early showings I would want it this year, but that is besides the point) and get probably roughly same value on the RC autos.

    That being said at $7 a team I would take the risk on a group break on a box.

  2. Ill give you that the price point is VERY high, but the cards look great and have on card autos. I dont have the money to buy any, but I would buy singles no doubt. I, most likely, will not support the box break at 100 bucks a card, but I am excited for the set. I guess I should have been clearer about that.

  3. Black is a high risk high reward product. I don't see it being much different than Exquisite as far as being a gamble.

    I don't really care that much about base cards and I enjoy the thrill of opening a high end box of cards as much as any other part of the hobby. This years Black is a pretty solid basketball product and I think it could translate to football very well.

  4. Mike, I think you have it right.

    Also, base cards have no place in a high end product.

  5. As much as I love black and was committed to buying it, as i crunched numbers i advised myself to stay far far away from it in terms of purchasing boxes and cases. It really makes no sense, at 240 bucks a box for the B-Ball product the return value simply wasnt there from the rookie class and the manufactured crap in the set.the american flag patch wouldve been a genius idea if it had actually came off a jersey, but it didnt and thats reflected in how much money those cards sell for. the rookie cards arent doing as well as i thought, but it is basketball- they'll go up as long as the players continue to improve