Friday, June 26, 2009

Sometimes You Find People That Are Awesome On Boards

I think that being a part of Freedom Card Board has had its benefits, no doubt. A few weeks ago, I posted about the autographed jersey that moderator Flightposite sent to me for winning a contest over there, and now I have something that is just as awesome to report.

Ryo1549 had organized a group of us to participate in a blind trade, where we all sent the players or teams we collected to the host, who would distribute them randomly to other people involved. The assignment was to buy a card for this "victim" that was at least 50 dollars sell value, and send it to them as our part of the "deal." We would receive something similar from another person according to our list we made originally.

Here is what Deceptikon sent me to match my list:

I am stunned, as this is clearly a ridiculous card. As part of the deal we all contributed to a pot for the users, to be awarded for the best card of the bunch. I think this one has a good shot, it has my vote.

Thank you Craig, aka Deceptikon 1978!


  1. Awesome! Sweet gesture by Craig!

  2. Amazing card. Congrats Gellman. Great people all around!

  3. man that is sweet! I am just getting into I like it alot

  4. I would stay away from SCF, its filled with 13 year old JCs who live by BV.

  5. Too bad that wasn't on card... Still! A great job there. Nice.