Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Prestige Chrome Hits eBay, Leaves Me Wondering Who Designed It

Well, we have a few preliminary cards up on eBay from Donini's recent offering of Elite, or as I call it, Prestige Chrome. See, Prestige was a gross product this year, an abortion of weirdly placed swatches and stupid concepts all for a price that wouldnt hold even if every card was numbered under 50. Elite, built on pretty much the EXACT same idea, is really just Prestige on foilboard. You know, I never get why foilboard is such a favorite of DLP. I used to think it was cool (ooooh, shiny!), now I think its lame and played out.

I am about clean and practical designs. Elite's staples, the RCs and base, are busy and ugly. What? What is that you say? Is Knowshon running into an operating Tesla Coil and causing an explosion? Is there some sort of electrical storm? Is he time travelling? He must be lightning quick, if you catch my drift.

Here is a great suggestion for Donini, take a look at the foilboard Topps uses for Chrome and Finest and find out what they do differently than this crap. That way, it wont look fucking ridiculous, there will be less chipping and damage when pack pulled, and I dont have to look at my ugly mug everytime I admire the card.

I will say this, the PTT autos look a little better than last year with both players now on the same side of the card, but they should have taken a page from UD and not released 5 billion parallels of the card WITHOUT autos and then one parallel with the auto /25. I can never understand why companies do that.

I am not going to be buying a product with one, yes ONE, redeeming subset in it. Ill wait for Classics to get my Donini fix for the year. I did say year, that was not a typo.

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