Thursday, June 18, 2009

On Favre and the Vikings

God, I never thought Favre would ever come close to a place where he could be making the decision on whether or not to play for the Purple. I hate Favre for all the crap he has pulled over the last few years. For fuck's sake, he has been worse than Jordan when he retired. Not only that, but he drags the teams along until the last possible moments and then expects to be welcome back with open arms.

Listen, if you retire, you fucking retire. Its that simple. If you dont want to go, dont. No reason to be a primadonna.

Now, I will admit that a Vikings team with Favre presents two favorable situations that cannot be passed over. First, he is better at 80% than both of our QBs who are at 100%. He makes the team better, regardless of what condition he is in. In my opinion, our other two options suck.

Secondly, I want him to sign up just so I can see what happens when he goes to Green Bay to play in the Jersey that every fan in that stadium hates. I would consider flying to Green Bay just to see that. Nothing would make me happier to see those little children cry for their savior. Just to see the look on the faces of the people who have worn a Favre jersey for every day for 5 years. I would cackle with evil intensity. I think John Madden may explode if it happens.

However, with that second opportunity, comes remorse, as I would only be cheering for Favre to make the Packer fans mad. I would be lowering the standards of my love for the Vikings, because I had accepted the greatest Packer of all time as one of my own. I dont know if I could do that. Fuck Madden, I might explode.

Personally, I want the Vikings to win, but I dont want to cheer for my least favorite player. What to do... What to do...


  1. Three months from opening days it's easy to wonder what you'd do. But c'mon, come kickoff, you'll be rooting for the Purple and Gold. You'll love Favre when he throws a touchdown in the final minute of the game, and hate him when he throws an INT instead.

    If nothing else, Favre is fun to watch if for no other reason then the fact you never know what you're going to get. So enjoy it while you can. Either way, they have a much better shot of winning the division with him then without.

    Just don't get too excited about his visit to Lambeau. Seeing "his little children cry" won't be on the agenda, believe me. They'll be laughing and cheering as they see the Packers win without him.

  2. Well, the Pack will be good this year, I wont discount that. But considering that the Vikes will have Harvin, Peterson, Berrian, Rice, and then Favre, that is a pretty potent attack.

    Without Favre, its a completely different story because you can load up nine in the box.

  3. I think the Vikings are better off without him. He turns 40 this year, he was pretty horrible int he second half of the season for the Jets, and he's not a team player - he cares only about himself. He's not the right guy to lead the Vikings or any other team at this point. Sure, he might have a few games that will have you cheering for him, but ultimately there's going to be more suckiness than goodness from Favre, and you'll just end up hating him even more than you did when he was with the Packers. I really hope that Favre just goes away and retires, and we don't hear anything about him until his induction to Canton.

  4. As a Lions fan, I hope the Packers demolish Favre yet suck it up against everyone else. More likely, they'll both be awesome and I'll want to puke every Monday of football season. NFL never changes as a Lions fan.

  5. I'm a Jets fan and I suffered thanks to him. His signing allowed the Jets to release Chad Pennington who signed with the rival Dolphins. At the end guess who made the playoffs and who sat at home? It was Chad and the Dolphins. His signing also left Laverneus Coles unhappy especially in performance. What happen? Coles was released and signed with the Dolphins. Guess who are my favorite players that I have stacks of cards of them? Chad and Coles. Now both are at rival Fins thanks to Favre. Also this lead to Jets to make likely the biggest drafting mistake trading several picks for the 6th pick in the first round to get Mark Sanchez and don't get me started on him. At the end Dick Favre (my name for him) manage to set the Jets team 3-4 years back. Thanks Dick!