Saturday, June 20, 2009

I LOVE Being Right

Last year, I posted on this card, saying there was no question that it was fake. Now this guy, who obviously didnt follow the golden rule of patches, is FINALLY catching on. Glad to see some people do eventually see the light, despite it being about a year too late.

In the auction, the guy has basically come out and said it was fake, which is good. Thank you for that. However what is really funny, is that he has a reserve on the card, and he is actually looking for people to bid on it. Yes, he even had to send it into Beckett just to get that last bit of confirmation. You know, because its not completely fucking obvious already. For fuck's sake, he could have sent me 20 bucks just to reiterate everything I posted on last year.

This is where I say I told you so and laugh, because some people are so fucking stupid that it makes my head hurt.


  1. The thing that really makes me mad about this is that people are actually bidding on it. Sometimes I feel bad for buyers when they get suckered, but in this case, those bidding are simply douchebags and deserve what they get.

  2. People are bidding on this? Of course they are, so they can resell it again to a new crop of morons!!

  3. You can list a chocolate covered horse turd on eBay and people will bid on it.