Monday, June 22, 2009

Favre Signs With Vikings?

Wow, looks like one of the most hated people in Minnesota sports history has decided to start sleeping with the enemy. Although this is still in the "unofficial" stage, I have a feeling this is going to become official quite soon.

I already voiced my thoughts on Bretty Madonna, though I am happy to have a QB that can actually work a two minute drive, let alone a whole game.

This does make me question, who will be the first to get a Favre/Peterson dual on the market? How about those lettermen that Icons had last year, are we going to get "Frozen Favre" this time?

If this is going to be as big of a shitstorm as it was last year, count me out. Ill stick with my Harvin and Peterson targets.


  1. its a done deal

  2. whoops nevermind’s-agent-bus-cook-says-deal-is-not-done-w-vikings/
    so many different sources