Thursday, June 18, 2009

Constipation Relieved: We Now Have Triple Turds

Wow, the baseball card industry must feel better after the recent Triple Threads Turds preview. I know I always feel great after a big shit, dont you?

Well, in case you were wondering, the cards are up on Wax Heaven and FCB, and yes, they look exactly the same as last year. It still has stupid shit spelled out in die cut form, still has foldout stupidity with 132 different relic pieces in the card, NOW HAS TRI-FOLD Cards from player's all star practice jerseys, still the same goddamn price point, still has all the poop it always has had.

I cannot even begin to think why people love this stale ass product. Bottom line, it is complete diarrhea in card form. The design has and always will suck, the content of a box is worth maybe 50 bucks TOPS, and yet Topps always sells it for 170. Even if you hit Albert Fucking Pujols as your auto, you may not make back the price of the box. Thats how much this product sucks. On top of all that, you have 5 bajillion 1/1s that make all the JCs out there blow their loads, but makes the rest of the brain having hobby cringe.

Then you have the Ruth/Gherig dual cut, already being hailed as the card of the year. Im not sure why, as it is still a foldout, it is still stupidly designed, and it still has triple threads plastered all over it. Remember, this is the same product that took a signed Mickey Mantle ball, ripped off the hide, had A-Rod and David Wright sign the sweet spot on either side of the Mick, and put it in the card as a 1/1. Grossest abomination ever created. This could be worse.

The golden rule stands: if a Topps product costs more than 100 bucks, DO NOT BUY IT. This product takes it a little further with the massive design fails. Basically Triple Turds was created to clean out the jersey room, clean out the sticker room, and flood the market with illegitamate 1/1s. FUCK THAT.

A boycott of this product would be a great idea.


  1. Im confused, are you saying its -not- a good idea to preorder a case of this? ;)

  2. So if someone GAVE you that Ruth Gehrig, you wouldn't keep it because it's from Triple Suck, or you'd so no thanks, because no one make a holder yet for a hinged card.

    I really hate the cheesy spelled out relics also but come on, let's not go overboard. Judge the card on its merit not the product it comes out of . . .

  3. I recently pulled a rare Dwayne Wade autographed card from a rip card and it was in rough shape. In discussions with Topps over what I could get as a replacement product, the customer service representative on the phone sounded shocked when I said that I had no interest in being sent Triple Threads. He said that was what most people ended up choosing.

  4. If someone gave it to me, id sell it. Right away. Then Id buy two baseballs. Because someone is stupid enough to pay that much. I guarantee it.

  5. I'll boycott it with you, under one condition: If I ever find it for $20 on my shop's clearance table I can buy it. I don't want to end up a baseball card "scab"...

    I, too, would sell the Ruth/Gehrig card instantly, and I wouldn't think twice about it. Think of all the Allen & Ginter I could buy!!