Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Band Of Theives May Be Materializing...

Ever since the fake patch industry exploded, there have been a few people that have always been at the center of it. One of them, shoelessjoejackson has evaded every bit of retiribution, and has continued to process fake after fake after fake. We now know that they are also in cahoots, as the fake rookie premiere autos that have made their way around eBay have popped up on the seller list of just about every single one of these people.

Shoelessjoejackson has since changed his name to peopleschoice7373, and continues to run scams aplenty. He has been known to sell fake patches, trimmed cards, and just about every other scam there is. Wolverine24 is part of this group, selling similar fake patches, as well as the fake Rookie Premiere Autos, which could be being produced by either person, or one of the other six to seven that are involved in the scam. Ebay has expressed NO want to help us take down these assholes, mainly because they are sellers who do thousands in revenue each month.

The one defense we have against these people is pretty huge though: ALL OF THEM are dumb as rocks stupid. Check this out:

See, they try to throw you with the whole "sample" label, but im sure this was either a blank card with no swatches, or it was a card that had this sample label printed on it. Hell, the sample lable could be on the holder. We don’t know. What we do know is that no one in their right mind would ever pay for this card.

I cant really think of any other way to bring these people down other than going straight to the card companies. However, they may not be able to do anything either. I encourage you to contact Topps and Donruss (they are prime targets for both sellers) so that all of these guys can be IP banned from eBay for processing fraudulent items.

The one thing I am worried about is that someone had a list of all of the scammers somewhere and has utilized that list to start the RPA fakes. If they continue to band together, the rule of multiples will always hurt people more than we can counteract here. Think about it, if one person is selling the fakes, its an obvious fake to most people because that ONE guy is the one who is making the cards. If ten people are selling the fakes, not only do they become more attractive to idiot buyers because more people have them, but it is harder to pin down who is perpetuating this scam.

Watch your ass people.

h/t Joe from the D


  1. Wow. Dude doesn't even accept returns on the listing. I wonder why?

  2. Is this a card that actually exists or something they just manufacture? How the hell do they do that?!!

  3. Any other names of ebayers that you've found selling fakes?

  4. Wolverine24 was selling a lot of canseco cards i thought were of high value and I wondered how he had so many, well now i know huh, good thing i didnt buy any!

  5. Huh... You'd think someone trying to convince people that they had NFL logos on the jerseys back when Tony Dorsett played wouldn't be smart enough to hold scissors to cut the patch.

  6. There are many fakers, Peopleschoice is main one, thanh5757 or something like that is another, cardboardgems sells fakes.

    As for wolverine24, he is not faking them, as for the info I know. I met the dude at the nationals in Ohio. All the dude does is buys collections and resells. He pulled a mother teresa cut auto a couple years ago and sold it for like 30k, ever since then he has been buying and reselling collections. hence the reason he has so many auctions on ebay. and i have to admit the dude is willing to shell out the cash. He personally gave me 5 bills for some of my shit.