Monday, May 25, 2009

Karma Is A Bitch

This past weekend, I spent some time in Las Vegas with my wife for a well deserved mini-honeymoon. While I was there, walking around the forum shops at Caesar's Palace, I walked by Field Of Dreams. There, on a huge banner, the shop proclaimed that Pete Rose was signing there today. Stupidity got the best of me, and I walked in thinking that I would have a shot at a free autograph from one of baseball's greats.

Before I move on, let me tell you a little about Field of Dreams. The shop chain was started back when people were still buying 1987 donruss under the assumption that they would be worth something 20 years down the road. That meant that these mall based stores could buy up tons of product and autographs and sell them to investment craved consumers who had no fucking clue that they were being ripped off. 20 years later, the cards are worth less than the cardboard they are printed on, and the autographs are more expensive than ever. Ill give you an example, to purchase a signed jersey and autographed helmet from Adrian Peterson, you would need just under $5000 at field of dreams. On eBay, you could purchase both for under $600. Considering that most shops have a markup of 10-20%, it still doesnt come close - for unauthenticated stuff, at that.

Back to my story, I walk into the store and look around. NO ONE is in line for Pete, and I think its my lucky day. Then I see the prices. $100 for a ball, more for other stuff, no inscriptions. The store is covered in Rose signed memorabilia, and Pete is sitting at his table eating a sandwich and watching horse racing on closed circuit from the casino. I immediately walked over to the counter and inquired about the situation. To my amazement, Rose was there every thursday through sunday signing whatever people want for exhorbitant prices. How nice.

I guess when you fuck over every single one of your fans, your team, and your sport, its only fitting that you end up in Vegas at a mall signing to keep the lights on. Karma is vengeful whore, and you better bet that things are going to come around eventually. Kind of makes you wonder though. Pete Rose was the best hitter ever. Period. Bonds is the best home run hitter, but he did it by cheating. Rodriguez is cut from the same cloth. Where will they end up? Hopefully it will be a similar situation.


  1. Pete's been with Field of Dreams for at least 10 years now. He signs with them 180 days of the year in Las Vegas and also has stops in NJ, PA, and he used to do a signing every year in Cooperstown (not sure if that still goes on). list the guests they have at the Vegas store...Doc Gooden, Ken Stabler, and Steve Garvey are there quite a bit.

    Each time I've been there, Pete's been really nice to me and others in line... although I have heard stories of just the opposite.

    I'm still laughing that you thought something in Vegas would be free! :)

  2. Haha - I had the exact same experience about two years ago.

  3. Rose is a God and was given a raw deal. He deserves to be in the hall right along wife beater Kirby Puckett. If you can put in guys that beat women then you should put in the greatest hitter of all time not te greatest hitter of women of all time. Talk about Karma with Kirby


  4. Rose's transgressions pale in comparison to those of Puckett or the roid monsters. No need to get so belligerent about it.

  5. Everything Kirby did was post baseball. Rose bet on baseball, bet on his team, and a whole lot of other stuff that makes him a horrible person WHILE he was playing. Kirby did everything (we know of) post baseball.

  6. Gellman, just to clarify (not that it matters to the original post):
    Rose didn't bet while he was a player (at least not yet proven). He bet while he was managing.
    The HOF makes a distinction between playing careers and managing careers (that's why Torre isn't in as a player, but will as a manager).

    So if the arguement is post-playing careers shouldn't matter, then cuseman2001's arguement is right on. Unfortunately, once Rose was banned, the HOF changed their rule to stay anyone on the banned list is not eligible to be on the ballot.

    All Pete Rose blog posts have a 5 comment guarantee!

    Full Disclosure: I think Rose should be in the HOF based on his on-the-field numbers.

  7. Ok, you do have a point there about post playing careers, however, based on what had happened, I think saying rose betting as player isnt proven is like saying Bonds taking steroids isnt proven.