Monday, May 18, 2009

How Long Until The Whole Player Is Covered?

Good god Donini, this is just ridiculous.

Next time think about it before you actually produce it.


  1. um..... my 8 year old would know to put the jerseys under the "Rushing Leaders" sign!

  2. Here's the thing... you memorabilia collectors don't care about design just so long as you get your relic one way or another.

  3. I'm sure there's a lady out there somewhere who is also a card collector who has an ankle obsession. They might like the card.

    I do have to say that Panini logo does not look right on cards.

  4. Seriously, just make the picture a tad smaller and place the swatch below that

  5. "Here's the thing... you memorabilia collectors don't care about design just so long as you get your relic one way or another."

    I hope you are referring to collective you and not personal you, because design is everything to me.

  6. "Here's the thing... you memorabilia collectors don't care about design just so long as you get your relic one way or another"

    Says the guy whose personal collection is made up of relics and autos :)

  7. Mario-

    Why do you continue to beat this battle. The one thing I have noticed is that you lump "memorabilia" collectors into this mass collective that only cares about a piece of material. Truth be told while that is a nice part, many of us do care about design.

    You seem to believe that there is a strict black and white here that only exists for the most part in your mind.

    You- Base/Set Collectors who are pure and care about design
    The Other- Care only about an auto or memorabilia piece and don't give two hoots about design.

    You are always bashing the people you consider "other" and yet hardly do I see someone like Gellman bashing "you" set collectors. The fact is the hobby is composed of us all and no matter what almost all of us care about design.

    There is a reason that certain sets no matter what memorabilia cards they may have end up being horrible resellers and why others continue to sell extremely well and most of that boils down to design.

    The other thing to consider here is that I personally have a different taste in designs then Adam and other collectors have different tastes in design then me, etc. I personally think some of the cards you have highlighted on Wax Heaven are horrible designs that are all flash and dash but fail to aesthetically capture the player in a classy way, but what I appreciate is that you highlight your taste in design.

    That is what Adam is doing here and this is the 2nd time you have now commented just taking jabs saying "we" memorabilia collectors don't care about design anyway so why should we complain. Just stop.

  8. Wow, that was really well said. Thank you.

  9. I am not a set collector, I am a player collector with thousands of cards from one player so I tend to appreciate design.

    One thing I have noticed is how much design has suffered since the time relics and autographs became prominent.

    I don't think it's a coincidence.

  10. I just wish I could FN pull a memorabilia card with a decent design once that wasnt damaged! LOL but it's really not that funny bcuz it's 98% true. well except that sweet Hardwood eric gordan patch #/25 on my blog. Not worth much I don't think? but it's my best looking patch so far that's not damaged or has a bad design my 2%. Grant old school pack buster

  11. What's funny is on the front side of the card, the windows are below the 'Rushing Leaders' words. It's only on the back that they flip it for quads.

  12. Mario-

    First, my apologies for accidentally labeling you set collector vs. player collector (I know extensively about your love for Jose and Andrew).

    However, I think there is a huge leap between what you said in your first comment and the comment in the 2nd response.

    1) While design may have suffered since the emphasis on material and autographs, one cannot put that into a direct correlation of cause and effect. Perhaps manufacturers just have crappy design teams that have taken over. The fact is even many cards that don't have the material or auto as part are just crappy in terms of design now. Manufacturers have shown that they can do great designs incorporating autos or material windows, but often they just throw it on there like that is okay. (Notice that they are often making the assumption also that all people care about is having that little window of material or the incorrect assumption to just blanket and I personally believe that it has caused them to lose marketability and sales...because they just don't invest enough time in design)

    2) To say that memorabilia collectors don't care about design and then to argue that proof comes from the fact that design has suffered since the dawn of these types of cards and using that to "prove" that memorabilia collectors don't care about design is not a valid argument. It is essentially saying X led to Y which proves X. A better thing to look at is to analyze secondary market sales of cards. Look how many memorabilia cards and autos go for a dime a dozen or for way below what one would think they are worth. The reason for this is because people don't just care about the "material" on the card. Collecting is complex because peoples tastes are complex.

    If it were as simple as all memorabilia collectors care about is the swatch and not the design well then the secondary market would be booming with these cards going for value all over the place.

    Don't blame the collectors for the lack of good design, that 100% lies in the purview of manufacturers and it does none of us any good for collectors to just go back and forth blaming one another instead of demanding better from those who produce the cards we all like to collect.

  13. I am a graphic design major, and that Panini logo is horrific and very out of date...along with the bad patch placement