Thursday, May 21, 2009

Have We Reached A New Level Of Douchebaggery?

Well, we now have something completely different to worry about in the fakes department. Instead of just ripping out a swatch and replacing it with something completely ridiculous, the donkey fuckers are now removing stickers from other cards, rubbing off the auto, signing a new auto and reaffixing it to another card they have faked. Here is an example done by newcomer to the drippy ass licker club T. Wall.

This card IS "numbered" 1/1, but that is not a real patch, and that is definitely not a real auto. If this weren't stupid enough, the auction is a private listing, and the guy has about 5 other fakes on his auction page, including this "Worst Fake Of The Decade" Eli Manning.

Guys, keep your head on your shoulders and don't be stupid enough to buy the cardboard diarrhea this guy seems to emanate from every orifice.

h/t FCB board


  1. Good god...who in the hell takes off an sticker of a tom brady auto card and puts it on another card....that makes me low can people go?

  2. the sticker was not a tom brady auto. It was peeled off a crap card, auto was re-penned and put on this card. The same with the manning. Neither of those autos are real.

    My favorite part is the N on the NFL from the manning. Totally destroyed.

  3. That Ripken patch he's selling doesn't look right either. What a fraud. People like this just ruin it for everyone.

  4. Alright...I misread's still sad that not only he did it...but also that people are actually dumb enough to still bid on it....the autos just look so couldnt a person tell that they were fake??

  5. That guy is unbelievable. I love the paragaph explaining that his brother is a post master. Priceless. If that were true then he would know that everytime he mails one of these fake items pretending they are real he is committing fraud.

    That must have been one heck of a Hawaii Trade Show! They literally were making dream cards on the spot.

    If you look at his completed items, he has chopped up at least 5 Ravens Logos to stick in Flacco cards. I wouldn't be surprised if that Ultimate card Flacco signed with '#5' had not only its patch faked, but he also wrote that #5 on the auto.

    And don't be fooled by the numbering. You can do that yourself as well with the right tools.

  6. This must be Melbourne Cowboys brother. I was scrolling through his recent purchases. He would seem to be amassing jersey cards of high-profile players with bland jersey pieces. I'm sure they are going straight to his card chop shop.

    My favorite purchase he made was from "rspicel". For $4.99 he picked up and NFL logo patch. I wonder what card that will be inserted into. My guess is either the Felix Jones Patch Auto SP Authenthic /999 with an all white patch or maybe the Matt Ryan Gridiron Gems auto /50 with an equally bland white patch.

  7. Another sad thing here is T Wall is a sportscard shop in Pompton Plains NJ, they have been around for over 20 years. Thomas Wall is getting old now, doesn't surprise me he is a crook though. Needless to say I will not step foot in that store again, haven't bought anything there in about 7 years anyway.