Friday, May 8, 2009

First Look: 2009 Donruss Threads Football

Threads football has been posted, and it doesnt look much different from the last incarnation of threads. The good this is that instead of taking the all white approach and then chroming the hell out of the autos, they at least gave it some black to offset that obvious flaw from last year.

The letters, always a focus of this set, havent changed much, and they look good as usual. The rookie collection cards, which act as the true RCs from this set (if you care to define a card by outdated lingo), look pretty much identical to last year.

Basically, if you love threads, you wont hate this set. Dont rock the boat or anything Donini, Right?

(Click To Enlarge)


  1. Why not just spend the extra $40-50 to get something that you'll not regret 2 years down the road. The letters are flat our tacky.

  2. I dont like the patch cut out... just give us the square not these wierd t's

  3. Gellman-

    contact me regarding NFL rookie photo shoot party.

  4. MF, I applied for media credentials last week, i should be hearing soon. Either way, i dont remember your email, can you send one to me via the normal link? Thanks!