Thursday, May 14, 2009

Completely Off Topic: I Love Movie Trailers

I want to go off topic here, because I spent the morning talking about this topic with a friend. After seeing the new Star Trek movie on Tuesday night, I actually could not remember a time where an epic movie trailer had delivered on the hype. Then I started the discussion and we came up with a few examples of where this was true and where this wasn’t true. It turned into a discussion of our top movie trailers of all time and their relation to the greatness of the actual movie.

Here are a few favorites of mine.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Remake (Top one on the list)

Holy god, I saw this trailer and thought it was brilliantly done. I couldn’t think of a more frightening way to do it, and the use of the camera exposures as a device for showing the fear of the characters was pants peeingly scary. The movie, on the other hand, was mediocre at best. Too bad.

Cloverfield Teaser Trailer (Top One On This List)

I went to see Transformers a few years ago, and amidst the previews, this "clip" was shown. No title, just what happened in the trailer. Within minutes of going home, I was on the internet scouring wiki for info on the movie. When I found out it was JJ Abrams, I spent the next months playing the ARG to accompany everything. It was a good movie, not as good as the trailer, but good. Waiting on a sequel.

Spider-man Banned WTC Trailer (Search Youtube)

I was watching a movie with my friend that we werent aware had this trailer attached. When I saw it, I almost stood up and clapped. It was later banned from theatres after 9/11, but it was sooooo well done. I am all about creating a mini movie for a trailer, and this was a prime example. On top of all of that, the movie was as good as the trailer, and has made me a Spider-geek for life.

Star Trek Trailer 2 (first one on the list)

This trailer was so masterfully edited that the music just made it that much better. JJ Abrams is the quintessential genius in Hollywood, and I will be first in line for any of his movies as long as he continues to pump out trailers like this. I was so excited for this movie after seeing this that I actually tried to get a copy of the music through "artificial" means.

The Watchmen Teaser Trailer

Again, more awesome music for epic trailers. The song in the Watchmen trailer was a B-side to a Smashing Pumpkins single that I had never heard, but like many geeks it was our favorite song of the moment after seeing this trailer. It was so good, that I think it raised my expectations for a movie about a book that should never have been produced.

It seems as though the trailer has become an art in itself lately and these movies, though recent, have been the cream of the trailer crop.

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  1. One of my favorites has to be the Star Wars Revenge of the Sith with the Alec Guinness voice-over from A New Hope...too bad the movie didn't quite live upto the billing