Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bat Around Reminder and New Blog Participation Idea

This will serve as your reminder to get those posts up over the next two days. If you have already written your post and not included the link in a comment somewhere on the blog, please do so immediately.

Hopefully the participation will climb, and we can get a good survey of the blogs. This is really our chance to shine, as I have seen first hand what the rest of the industry thinks of people who write based on their love for the hobby rather than for money, and for some reason it isnt pretty. Considering the topic at hand, this should be a great show.

On another note, it may be in our best interest to start thinking about creating a publication distributed via email list in a possible PDF format. It has been successful in some of the hobbies I also participate in, and could help us get traffic and messages out to the public domain in a one stop shop each month. Because we do what we do without the interests of our ad providers in mind, we could be as objective with our reviews and our commentary as possible. Because there are no examples in the mainstream hobby media of a realistic depiction of the hobby being presented, this could be the chance for people to get the info they are looking for.

If you have experience and would like to help out, let me know via the link above. All are welcome, just an idea I have been tossing around.

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