Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Topps Continues To Suck At Just About Everything

Well, Topps is closing the doors on its basketball division, and here is one of those shitty ass things that will happen along the way. See, in case you forgot, Topps went and produced a product that raided their stores of Basketball stickers, and called it signature editon. It was basically a poorly thrown together product, solely to use up all the extra stickers before they lose the license. Of course, this left a lot of cards without the proper supplies to be made. On top of all that, if they didn’t have the stuff back from the athletes, they werent going to try and fufill it, and here is the result.

I have gotten about 3 emails in the last 24 hours from people who have outstanding Topps B-ball redemptions. All have been cancelled. Instead you will receive a replacement from the underwhelming Topps product mentioned above, where your card will most likely be a crap auto numbered to 15,000. Im sorry, but if you put out the commitment to help your customers before you lost the license, it is STILL your responsibility to fufill it. You do not get a free pass because you have given up on your basketball division.

For all of you who have Topps stuff, and also those of you who broke the golden rule of purchasing Topps products that cost more than 100 dollars, please be sure to let me know what you get as your replacement. If you end up with a JameSon Curry signature edition numbered to eleventy billion, I want to hear your horror story (for the record, that name is not a typo, he actually has a fucking captial letter halfway through his name for no reason).

Nice job Topps, glad to see that customer service is not your focus.

H/T Matt, Jerry, Shawn


  1. I collect Chris Douglas-Roberts. He's no great star, esp. after a lackluster rookie year in the League. I cannot tell you how happy I was that he was left off the checklist for Topps Signature. Because I'm one of THOSE player collectors who has to get everything he can of a guy.
    Thanks Topps, for excluding CDR. Now fuck you for what you did to everyone else with the redemptions.

  2. I got a Topps Co-Signers basketball dual auto redemption of chris bosh and andrea bargnani. They mail me a fucking sean williams auto. I called up topps and they told me there is nothing they can do about the autograph.. thanks topps for fucking me! I will never buy that shit again!

  3. Believe it or not, there will actually be a 2009-2010 Topps Basketball set produced. This is the product that they're supposed to over-load with stuff (autos, relics, whatever) to get rid of their spare inventory.

    Information found on SCD's report of the Hawaii Trade Conference in Florida.


    JayBee Anama

  4. I got a notice saying that my DJ Augustine Chrome auto was late, but they were still working with the player to fulfill it. And if I wanted a replacement instead of waiting, I could contact them.

    I would be shocked if this were true as most assuredly they would have written the contract in a way that would allow them to fulfill past products.

  5. Man, that sucks. I haven't yet had a topps redemption, and after now I think I might just sell it instead of trying to redeem it. Of course, I haven't had much luck yet with Donruss either.

    Took a look at Signature Edition on FCB earlier. Some auto cards numbered to 6000?! They didn't even produce that many back in the day. They don't even do 6000 rookie autos in a product. That's insane and also retarded.

  6. If we have to have these redemption things, would it be asking too much for the card companies to know beforehand that they can in fact fill them? Ie. print the fucking cards and get them signed so things like this don't happen. I'm glad I don't care about basketball.

    As an aside, I also want a capital letter in my name for no reason. I shall now be called BeN.

  7. This is not a cool move on their part. And it also means that Bowman and Topps Chrome, usually my pick for what I like in RC's for basketball, won't be made anymore. But pretty lowbrow to cancel on people like that.

  8. actually it is a typo. it's a capital O not S

  9. Well, at least UD won't let Topps out-do them, and just released Radiance. The two breaks on YouTube are travesties at $200 a box. I mean, these are insultingly bad, and it's really something you need to see for yourself. It was a retailer's video too, and he summed it up by explicitly saying "Don't buy it." Not a good sign for a product when someone who stands to make money on it won't recommend it.

  10. Yeah, I just checked out the Radiance box break videos and the Tommy Boy "Guaranteed Box of Crap" dialogue came to mind. Wow. $200 a box for some of the worst autos I have ever seen. That stuff makes Topps Signature look like the best product ever.