Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Funny BGS Auction

One of the readers, Chris, sent in this funny auction that I think exemplifies my love for BGS. Thanks for the Email!

In this auction, the seller, an expert in pricing, is selling his Alexander Ovechkin 05-06 Beehive Beige Parallel BGS 9.5. The thing you may notice is that BGS has graded the auto as a 10. Chris informed me that if there ever were a 10 grade, this is it, as the card is a facimilie auto. Yes, ladies and gents, Beckett cannot tell the difference between a real, or purposefully reprinted auto. Wonderful. Hmm, maybe we should all go search the eBay listings for one that is actually auto'ed? Nope, dont see any. They usually dont sell for more than $70 bucks, glad this seller is taking advantage of this ridiculous mistake.

Also glad to see the "experts" over at BGS were on their game for this one!


  1. These mistakes happen all the time, it's not just Beckett.

  2. I dont doubt that, its one card out of a million, but still funny because the guy wanted 2500 for it. Also funny because its a base card from a recent set, dont really know how you miss that one.