Saturday, April 11, 2009

More Unbelievable Adventures In Set Collecting

When Exquisite was first produced in 03-04, people had two reactions. They either shit their pants with excitement, or they shit their pants wondering why something like it was ever considered. Personally, I wasnt really into collecting at that point, but I still heard rumblings, and I was a little of column A and a little of column B. 

The collector who put this set together obviously picked the right set to collect. This set is widely considered to be the most unbelievable and most valuable modern set ever. LeBron, Wade, and Anthony all had cards that are worth a ton, and this guy has them all with ridiculous patches in each one. He wants a lot of money for it, without a doubt, but I cant really blame him. 

I am always impressed with the people who manage these things, and I will never hesitate to post about it. Who knows what this will be worth 20 years down the road when James and Wade are retiring. Then again, its still relatively early in their career, lots can happen.

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  1. "I am always impressed with the people who manage these things"

    Though the chances of me buying even a single box of Exquisite in my lifetime are between slim and nil, these sorts of collections make the world go around. I believe someone, maybe a year or two ago, had the rookie card set up on Ebay before, but the patches in this collection are far more attractive. This was the high point for Exquisite BKB RCs, because the design has fallen off year-by-year, the 06-07s definitely so.