Monday, March 23, 2009

YouTube Scam Exposed

I kind of feel obligated to talk about this, as a public service, despite Mario already covering it. A lot of people have been talking about the group break scams that have been run by some douche named MelbourneCowboys. Apparently, he busts some boxes of Exquisite, but only shows 5 of the 6 packed out cards from the break. There is a pretty heated video analysis thread going on over at FCB, and I think everyone is pretty sure that this guy has stolen quite a bit from the people in his break. Its one thing to rig the team drawings, as that is much harder to track, but to actually leave a card out of the break, that is crazy, and fucking obvious.

See, if you had a link to the videos - they all have been taken down - you would see that he clearly has six cards from one of the breaks, but ends up only mentioning 5 (see screen cap below). The other card is then either kept, or sold under his eBay name. If you look at his completed auctions, he has some pretty nice stuff. However, its not ridiculous enough to draw attention. According to some people who have questioned him about the breaks, the cards were obtained when he "went to a shop" and "busted them."


Regardless of what is analysed by the people on his videos, this guy clearly has a lot of demons and youtubers to deal with. Im not sure which is worse. People may shit on ARPlatinum for participating in his own breaks, but at least he shows the cards in a clear camera with the pack IN FRONT of him. I think it bears repeating that you buy into the integrity of the breaker as well as the box itself, and I wouldnt have trusted this guy at all. Here's hoping the guys from the break can file claims and get their money back.

On another note, stay tuned for another SCU break coming up...



  1. There are so many guys like that in the Hobby it's not even funny. What a piece of trash.

  2. it's unfortunate... a few months back he sold these mystery packs to raise money for his wife's hospital bills. i bought over 10 and was actually very pleased with the cards. a few days after his "wife" video, he started busting boxes of cards like money wasn't an issue. at the time, i just thought it was weird. now, i think otherwise. the sad thing is, nobody will ever know exactly what he took from all of his group breaks. was this the first and only time? has he been doing this in every break? either way, he'll have to live with this reputation for the rest of his life. i don't think i could live with myself.

  3. I don't know if he had anything up on ebay before this happened, but he doesn't appear to be selling anything at all at the moment. I would assume that his ebay account is pretty useless right now as some of the people he's screwed would surely spam him with negative feedback. I wouldn't give a squirt of monkey piss to be him right now.

  4. Maybe the first Tiger HAS been pulled.

  5. wow !!! takes a lot of nerve to pull shit like that !!! he should truely be ashammed of himself !!! if the cops dont gettem Karma surely will ... thank you for posting this i wouldnt of known about it otherwise its a real eye opener

  6. If you slow down the video you can see what he did with the sixth card. . . he ate it.

    It's really not his fault. It's a condition known as Spontaneous Cardboard Mastication, or S.C.M if you will. Usually it only effects those sifting through dollar bins at card shows, but he obviously has regressed far beyond this point.

    Let's not jump on the guy for something that is obviously not his fault.

  7. Is this guy your evil twin Gellman? Sorry, your even more evil twin?

    Sorry, couldn't resist.

  8. shut the fuck up voluntarheel. your jokes suck and you're way too pleased with yourself. and UNC is a pussy school.

  9. Well, obviously Mr. BrokebackCowboy has decided to show up.

    The funny thing is, your comment does not anger the Heel, it only makes him stronger. Its his super power, you see.

    Oh, and by the way, I hear they have a new drug for your condition. I once had it myself, but thanks to Masticax, its now in a recessive state. Luckily for me, it never got to the point where I rip people off in some extremely simple minded and obvious scheme. I mean, you couldnt even think of something that wasnt so painfully fucking obvious? Wow, someone needs to put you on that show with the dumbest criminals, because you would fit right in. I put you right below the guys who put the fake patches in the cards from games the players never played in. Yes, you are below even them, and that takes a real talented guy to do that.

  10. Well, there's no such thing as karma or justice anymore.

    This fucking doitch bag just cleaned house in ThetTruth17's latest case break.

    Felix Jones Jumbo Patch Auto, Tashard Choice Auto, Kellen Winslow Sr Auto, LT Dual Patch Auto.

    This fuckin world just ain't right

  11. hahahaha Melbourne posted on yor blog. I love it! Really hiding behind anonymous is no suprise. You have no balls to even sign a comment douchebag. Run and hide some more

    hahahaha brokebackcowboy. Now that is funny

  12. The joke may have sucked. Who really cares. To say I am "too pleased" with myself is kind of bizarre. That's a hard thing to measure. How do you make the call on that? For all you know I could be just a hair under "too pleased" and sitting at moderately pleased. But if you say so, I can live with that. It sure beats living as a self-loathing two-bit scam artist.

    And, who knows, you might be right about the UNC thing as well. I am sure that the online certification sitting on the empty pizza box on your futon was earned with nothing short of pure testosterone. Does is say 'Anonymous' on that too?

    But the question I have for you is how did you convince the UPS man to shed the fear of scabies and hand-deliver your group break cases to your room? Cause we know that you sure as heck can fit through the door yourself. Seriously, that's pretty impressive.

    Thanks for the reply though. You made my day. Something tells me you are in desperate need of a good day. It sucks that you can't turn it around with a nice group break. You kind of ruined that for a long while.

    However, something tells me that your only chance at leading a future break would be if Hostess started putting cards into their Ho-Ho boxes again. Even then it's a stretch that you and your two pygmies that are apparently living under your shirt could come up with enough loose change among the empty Nicorette boxes and chicken bones in the greasy fold of your aforementioned futon to buy a box.

    But what do I know. I’m just an unfunny, arrogant Tar Heel fan.