Friday, March 27, 2009

Why God, Why?

So, I came across this thread on Blowout's forums about this guy who is happy he has all 20 of the Triple Suck relic books for their set of complete ass. These are the ones that have, wait for it, 24 different die cut windows per card, all spelling out some of the weirdest shit you could ever fucking think of.

Now, you all know how I feel about each year's JC Memorial Set, but this is absolutely fucking nuts! I cannot understand why anyone would want singles from this set, let alone ALL the fucking cards from the UGLIEST part of the years UGLIEST set.

Yeah yeah, to each his own, but hot damn, this is ridiculous. I do give him credit for finding a way to display these eye sores. Congrats for completing the worst of the worst, im not going to repeat the golden rule of topps collecting for the 8th time on here, you all know it.

Just to give you an idea of what these cards are capable of, I put TWO rows of them together. Yes, it only takes two rows of these steaming piles of watery goat turds to make you cry...


  1. Yep..kinda fugly. Have to say If I could get the AP $20 cheap might pick it up for the PC but otherwise no chance in h*#l I'd ever think about them. I mean really.... TD dance with a side of popcorn???? Who come up with this??? Must be the same guy that does the Sterling!

  2. "Touchdown dance with a side of popcorn" for TO's card. Wow. Some of the other ones I can understand. But that one takes the cake.

  3. what the fuck? ok, yeehaw they spell something out, IF you have all the damn cards. If not, then you just have one ugly ass card that says:

    AH football

    Why? Why does this shit have to exist? I'm going to go look at '88 Donruss now and be happy with it.

  4. because he wanted to

    Why do we collect what we collect? Surely he loves that series of cards, people should just collect what they want and not worry about what others think.

  5. First, I commend this guy for just being able to put together the set. Kudos to him.

    Second, I have to ask why???? I feel there are so much nicer cards out there that don't make your eyes hurt and your head pound. Something like the logo patches from NT or something like that. Anything but these eyesores.

  6. Ugh. What a waste of time and money.

  7. My question is how the hell do you display those?? there is no way you can even think about putting them in a penny sleeve and top loader. You could probably buy a 2000 Tom Brady Contenders auto for the cost of him putting together this set....or some sick as national treasures patch autos....

  8. I love the Mendnehall. I would buy that in a second