Wednesday, March 25, 2009

When Stupidity Attacks

I am putting the scam pulled by MelbourneBrokebackCowboy at the same level as this ridiculous auction. This seller is selling his "UNCIRCULATED" Jonathan Stewart UD heroes auto, and I almost want to shoot anyone who even thinks of bidding on this card.

Here are his words:


Good story. Compelling, and rich. Despite all the caps, the stupid concept, and the ridiculous description, there is one simple problem with this auction that most people would spot in a second...

...the card is a UD card in a Topps uncirculated holder.

Good call there chief, really top notch work. On top of all this, the person brings forth a follow up to my post from yesterday, or more importantly brings forth the fucking stupid ass idea of grading an uncirculated card. Why in god's name would you de-case an already encased card, just so that you can get it into ANOTHER ugly holder with an obvious grade. Stupidity at its finest, I really love these.


  1. Wow...

    I am really beginning to think that people think all collectors are stupid...but the fact that people have actually big on it isnt helping any...

  2. I saw this card on ebay earlier...and I wanted to email the seller just to tell him what an asshole he is. god...a upper deck card in a topps

  3. oh gellman....will you kindly just shut the fuck up? my god, but you are one annoying, fatass, large-headed, dumpy little fuck.

  4. Dumpy? Thats a new one, but still completely worthless when it comes to making fun of someone. If you are going to do it, at least make it worth my time, rather than the same old shit. Im bored with you uncreative haters. Thanks!

  5. How about "neckless?" "Bullet-headed?" "Nasal-voiced?" "Fugly?" "Whiny?" "Height-challenged?" "Hippoesque?"

    Any of those work for you, gellman?

  6. Excuse me? Top "knotch?"
    Can you not afford a dictionary? I mean, if you're going to call someone else stupid, maybe you should learn how to spell. Because, as you yourself might say, your spelling really sukcs.

  7. Yeah, its called a typo. My fat fingers hit the "k" and the "n" key at the same time.

    Ill be sure to fix it just specifically for you!

  8. Glad to see that "Anonymous" at least has the balls to say who he is... oh wait.

  9. Oh, and still not very good, you have yet to rise above the level of a 12 year old youtuber. Glad that fat jokes are your entire arsenal, because you obviously have nothing else. I also think its funny that you take the time to come on here and bitch, actually believing that I really care about your "mad dissing skillz." To me you are just wallpaper for my bathroom. Thanks for the help, home depot is expensive shit...

  10. "The level of a 12 year old youtuber?" Wow, that's harsh coming from a presumably grown man who spends his days ass-deep in sports cards and rants on and on about the "idiots" (a word I stopped using when I was, oh, about 12) who don't collect the way Little Adam wants them to collect. But it's ok, Adam. You were picked on by the bullies in school and this is your payback. We understand.

  11. Glad to see that "Anonymous" at least has the balls to say who he is... oh wait.

    Its like a second youtube for these guys, they really have nothing better to do. It really takes a winner to sit down and write three responses, all with the point of bashing me. Like it has any effect on my post choice. In fact, I may just write a few more of these posts, because we all know that eBay is chaulk full of awesome auctions. Right?

  12. a presumably grown man who spends his days ass-deep in sports cards and rants on and on about the "idiots"

    This, coming from the guy who spends his day doing shit like this? Im confused, how is what you do above what I do? I love people that spout this crap, yet they are the ones who take the time to comment, leave, come back, comment, leave, come back, comment, etc. I may be fat, but I can lose weight, you will have a much tougher time trying to prove you arent a complete worthless excuse for a person.

  13. So, back to the topic on hand. The real loser here is the guy who bought the card. He's new and only has 4 feedback, so presumably he's at least new to ebay if not new to the hobby. Sounds like he got ripped off by this crook. I love how you can clearly see the 'Topps' in the foil sticker in the photograph.

    Personally, I love me some uncirculated cards. However, this post just goes to show the biggest flaw in the whole UC card idea. Topps puts stickers on the cards that half the time don't even come stuck on both sides. This allows anybody to take a card out, put a different one in and sell it as a pristine, untouched card. While this isn't as big a deal as graded card holders that aren't tamper-evident (especially since UC cards are generally not too expensive,) it absolutely is a problem.

  14. I sent him a message. He said 8 people sent him the same thing and to stop harassing him, lol! He then said it came like that. now how the fuck would that happen? At least I'm not selling it or buying it. :)

  15. Looking over his other auctions, I actually believe that this guy bought the card from someone else. There are seriously only 2 options

    (1) The seller is totally clueless. Got this card at what he thought was a great deal somewhere (a card show, card store, craigslist, a supposed friend, etc.) and then cluelessly sells it on ebay.

    (2) The seller is a total con.

    Either way at some point along all these transactions someone conned someone. Either we have multiple victims or just this one victim.

    ***As far as the other comment war goes***

    Mr. Anonymous, if you don't like what Gellman says I would suggest just ignoring him. I don't always agree with him on topics or on how he says it, but on those instances I just choose to ignore him. Your comments have proven nothing more then that you are at best on the same level that you are criticizing.

    Finally, fact is Gellman pointed to a problem by showing the idiocy that can happen in the collecting world. People get duped and the only way to combat that is through informing the public. That is something Gellman does in his own unique way.

  16. Given the talk about name calling, I really think something should be bought up.

    And that is some of the insults that you use Gellman, because they are extremely offensive -and not to the people who you are directing them at.

    For example, your use of the word retarded. As I am sure you are aware, the term "retard" is a derogatory term for people who are intellectually disabled. These people have not chosen to be that way. When you use the term retarded as an insult, what you are doing is insulting these people, people who have done nothing wrong and have not chosen to be afflicted the way they are.

    Now, to make it personal to you, how would you like it Gellman, if people started using the term "diabetic" as a way to insult idiots. Did you choose to have diabetes Gellman? No (though type 2 diabetes can be reduced by a good diet and regular exercise, so to an extent people with type 2 diabetes do/did have some control over their situation) so it would be unfair to use it as an insult and therefore make fun of you and others that do it.

    Now another example is your use of the term "BrokebackCowboy" to insult that scumbag Melbournecowboy. Obviously you are implying he is gay by this, and that being gay is somehow an insult, something to be made fun of.

    Again, people who are gay do not make that choice (unless you are an uneducated bigot), it is who they are, and quite frankly there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It is quite natural, and even quite common in the rest of the animal kingdom (because human beings are nothing but animals) particularly amongst the higer mammals like Chimpanzes and Dolphins. As a result one should not use homosexuality as an insult. Again, would you like diabetes used as an insult?

    What I am asking you Gellman is that you THINK before you post, otherwise you come accross as a bigot, and quite frankly come accross as being no better than someone like melbournecowboy or trublue87, because you don't care how your actions will negatively impact innocent people who have done nothing wrong.

  17. Well, Alex, you make some really good points, and I am sorry. I have absolutely no problems with disabled or gay individuals. Im not going to go into cliche explanations of why, or who I am friends with or who I am related to, but know that I am not a person that has anything against either of those groups.

    On the flip side, I really do let the anger get the best of me some times, and though I may sound like a bigoted person, I really only say a lot of things out of anger. Im not going to lie and say that I dont have some predjudice, but interestingly enough, it has nothing to do with either groups of the people you mentioned.

    We can all take the high road and lie, say that there is no predjudice in your life, but that is a lie. Dont come on here and preach to me about the way I handle things here. Feel free to stop reading if you disagree, rather than wasting my time with long winded explanations of your feelings. You want to discuss the cards or the posts, fine, but I am not going to respond to any more of your preachy and aloof statements of how I am not running my blog with political correctness in mind. Its not the way I function, and you will have to live with it as long as you are a reader.

    I dont mean to offend you with this statement, though I can see why you may take it that way. I just wanted you to know that I really have a hard time approving some of your comments because they are so far off base from the discussions. Its always something wrong, its always something not good enough. Well Alex, here comes the hard part: you have a blog, use it.

  18. I'm not offended by your statement

    There is more I have to say, but in the interests of not trying to "hijack" your blog with non card related things, I will send you an email, which you can choose to ignore if you wish.

    I will say though that I do have a non-card blog where I deal with other matters.

  19. I agree with Alex 110%. Gellman, if you're going to use offensive, childish insults against others -- people who are just trying to have fun collecting cards, same as you -- be man enough to face the same kind of insults yourself. 'Nuff said...

  20. I dont think I have any problem facing the insults. I like facing the insults. My stuff with Alex is different.

  21. When did this turn into 'The View'?

  22. Wow, all of you guys who are coming on here and getting on Gellman's ass for not being politically correct, you really have missed the point of this blog. I have been reading this blog for a long time and I continue to read it because he says stuff that other people wont or are afraid to. You complain about the way he criticizes people, but I guarantee most of us said the exact same thing in our heads when we saw it.

    Listen, go somewhere else, or at least be man enough to answer to your criticism. These weak comments from anonymous are not even close to entertaining, his responses, though, are.

  23. I'm pretty new to blogging but have been collecting since I was a kid in the early eighties and the blogs are informative, wierd and just sometimes stupid ( I read my own post and wonder why in the he** did I write that stupid shi*) It's called free speech and as far as this forum it was wanna of the first I started reading ( because I like brutal honesty and someone who has an opinion right or wrong) and Geelman was the first person to invite me onto his blog list and I did the same. For all the rants I get USEFULL information that I would not have known about since I'm now recollecting and things Like EBAY and BLOGS if it was not for this site so thank you Gellman!

  24. Wow, the comments started out like two greased-up retards fighting over a corndog, and then Alex had to gay things up by whining that our resident anger-monkey somehow has issues (other than anger) because he uses terms that might be offensive to some.

    In Alex's leftist PC world, using derogatory terms is only ok when it is directed at white people, the rich, Christians or conservatives. Here in the real world, calling a mentally handicapped person a "retard" is wrong, but calling a normal person who does something stupid a "retard" is fine. Calling a homosexual "gay" is unacceptable, but questioning the masculinity and sexuality of someone you dislike is just good juvenile humor.

    The interesting thing about political correctness is that these leftist idiots who preach it are preaching it because it makes people feel better. But by going around and being offended all the time, they are making themselves upset. That is the dumbest thing these gay, retarded leftist idiots could do.

    BTW Alex, there has been no scientific evidence that gay people are born gay. So stop making bigoted comments about people who don't believe your dogma. Especially when you consider that you making bigoted comments while calling others bigots makes you a hypocrite.

    Jellyman (see Anonymous? it's not that hard to make a clever fat joke), if I were you, I'd stop fighting with the "anonymous" dipshits who insult you unless there's actually something of substance to their post.

  25. Stop fighting with them? Where is the fun in that? Haha.

  26. Well, if you're not going to stop fighting with them, then shame them more visibly.

  27. Wow Thomas, you just proved to everyone how ignorant you are. You can't call homosexuals "gay?" Of course you can, that's the only time it's actually appropriate. For instance, if you were homosexual, people would be like "You didn't know Thomas was gay?" That's totally cool in that context. Maybe you and Alex should start your own political blogs or something rather than bicker over what's "PC" or not on a f@#king sports card blog. BTW, a blog is not the "real world." Reading your comment, I doubt you know what the "real world" really is.

    Gellman - keep up the good work.


  28. We are not getting into the PC conversation. Im letting everyone know right now.

  29. Anonymous is right about the gay thing with regards to using it to refer to homosexuals. When I first wrote that out, I had the word "fag" in there, but then changed it to "gay" when I saw that the original usage in this thread was "gay" and not "fag".

    That's not to say that "Anonymous" isn't a complete catchrag. He is.

    BTW, if you want to get into bigotry, check out Alex' blog. Heh. Lefties always love to play the race and bigotry cards when they are far more often guilty of it than anyone else.

  30. No more PC discussion. Its over. I wont be approving anymore comments on this worthless idea.

    Back to bashing me...

  31. Ok Thomas, since you're all against anonymous posters, how about giving us the full monty on your info, eh? What's your full name, address, phone number, etc? Be a man, stop hiding behind your generic first name. At least Gellman gives us a full name and a full view of his cabeza grande....

  32. I dont think its about knowing who you are, but rather a way to account certain posts to one certain person.

    On the other hand, there have been quite a few bloggers who I know come and post anonymously rather than manning up to their comments. Are they afraid of the big bad wolf or something? I know I dont have THAT much power around here.

  33. I didn't say I was against anonymous posters. I said you were a catchrag, and you are. It's not because you're anonymous, it's because you're a prick.

    That said, it is cowardly for people to post anonymously. Every time I post, people build more of an opinion of me, and that's something I own. If I piss people off, they'll discount my opinions. If I post things that people agree with, they'll take my opinions with a little more weight.

    You, on the other hand, are just a coward. You take shots at people, but don't open yourself up to shots in return. If I were Jellybelly (see, there's another one), I would eliminate anonymous commenting, if for no other reason than for accountability.

    BTW, for disclosure purposes, I am a fellow fatass...err...individual of greater-than-average mass. Unlike Jellybelly, I have the good sense not to wear a goatee or sports jerseys, and I have much better taste in teams, but I feel I can insult his girth due to my own exhibited predilection for fast food.

  34. Gellman, is this a good time for me to apologize to the pygmie community for comparing them to melbournecowboy's boobs in an earlier comment?

  35. Dude, its always a good time to apologize to the pygmie community.

  36. Golly gee whiz Thomas, why didn't you tell me you were a fatass? And here I was thinking you were just an average, everyday American jerk-off. If I'd known you were also an overweight, Big Mac-shitting slob who probably got beat up every other day as a kid, I would have been a little more considerate of your feelings. Now I feel bad...

  37. Ill tell you, for all the different stupid people rants I have posted, this one has definitely been the most confrontational in the comments.

    Wow, that escalated quickly...

    Yeah, Brick killed a guy!

  38. wow looks like i stumbled into a free-for-all here! anyway, if anyone wants to chat baseball cards...i've recently taken the hobby back up again after a long absence. was wondering if there are any good blogs specializing in cards from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

    sorry to interrupt the melee!

  39. I don't know, I guess it's hard to feel insulted when the insults are coming from a child who doesn't even have the nuts to post under his own name.

  40. I've said what I needed to say to Gellman and he said what he wanted to say to me, so no more on that.

    However Thomas, I am happily straight, and much more educated than you will ever be - go to college/university, get an education and maybe then you will wake up to yourself and make some sense instead of spouting your fascist nonsense . It's also funny that you say:

    "You, on the other hand, are just a coward. You take shots at people, but don't open yourself up to shots in return"

    Really? Because you admit to censoring comments on your blog, is that any better? A tad hypocritical there.

    Oh, and yes I hate right-wing bigots, like Sarah Palin, because of the destructive nature of what they do, just like I hate the Nazis and the Soviets for the destructive nature of what they did. That doesn't make me a bigot - I don't hate her because of her race, her religion, her sexuality, her gender etc. Obviously you don't what bigotry is. However, given your lack of education, I forgive you. As I said, go get an education, the come back.

    "BTW Alex, there has been no scientific evidence that gay people are born gay."

    And there is no scientific evidence people are born straight either. However, there certainly seems to be a lot of evidence that you are an moron.

    Lastly, I should apologise to Gellman. While I believe my original comment is valid, I actually should have sent it to him via email instead of positing it on here, because I should have realised where it may go. That is the end of me on this topic. Thomas, if you want to have a go at me more, please do so via email, which you can find on my little used blog, so others don't have to hear anymore of us on this topic.

  41. Alex, you clearly know nothing about me if you think I have no education. I did my undergrad at one of the top colleges in the world, law school and grad school at universities you've definitely heard of. I've had articles published in academic journals, conducted sponsored research that allowed me to travel the globe, and am currently in the process of having my first book published.

    I never said you were gay, but you most definitely do not have anywhere near the education that I do. You shouldn't make baseless assumptions about people.

    Yep, I censored a comment on my blog. A guy kept making racist comments about my wife. So I deleted them. You apparently equate me deleting racist comments about my wife with someone not having the guts to put their name behind their posts.

    I did get a kick out of your post though. You claim I am uneducated and that I don't know what the word "bigotry" means, then you go on - in that same paragraph - to say that you "hate right-wing bigots, like Sarah Palin,".

    The irony is so thick that I can feel it squish between my fingers.

    1. stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one's own.

    Hmh. I'd say that "hatred" not only encompasses, but goes beyond mere "intolerance". You're a bigot.

    Thanks for playing though, kiddo. When your ass stops hurting from the spanking you just took, go buy yourself a fucking dictionary. Or better yet, get a life and stop trying to play net cop on a fucking sportscard blog and spewing your hateful, bigoted, condescending, ignorant, arrogant bile at good, intelligent people just trying to have a good time.

  42. Hey Thomas, here's my name. Does that make you feel better now? Probably not. I imagine the only thing that would make you feel better is a half-dozen double cheeseburgers and a canned ham on the side.

  43. If you want to continue here, then I will do so.

    "I never said you were gay, but you most definitely do not have anywhere near the education that I do."

    Really? Let's see. I have 2 degrees, including a law degree too. I have been invited by 7 universities to speak as an expert in one of my areas of expertise (I have more than one), have been asked by government to make submissions on legislation that is in my areas of expertise and appear before hearings on these, and have been interviewed by newspapers and television networks on these, amongst other things. So, I definitely have at least the education you do.

    As for not claiming I'm gay, you said

    "Alex had to gay things up"


    "That is the dumbest thing these gay, retarded leftist idiots could do."

    Yet, you didn't call me gay, did you?

    It's interesting, that you used the dictionary to look up bigotry, but not hatred and intolerance. You should have. Here is what hatred is defined as:

    "the feeling of one who hates; intense dislike or extreme aversion or hostility."

    And here is what intolerance is defined as:

    "lack of toleration; unwillingness or refusal to tolerate or respect contrary opinions or beliefs, persons of different races or backgrounds, etc."

    Now the difference may seem subtle to the ignorant, but they are two completely different things. Just becaise someone hates something, it doesn't mean they won't tolerate it. I may hate cow liver because of it's taste, but that doesn't mean I'm not willing to tolerate it being sold in stores.

    The same with Sarah Palin - I may hate her because of her politics, but I will tolerate her. I may hate her opinions, but I don't believe that she should be locked up because of them, or she should be stopped from living her life because of them or even not allowed to run for office because of them (hell, I want her to run for office again, just so I can see her make an ass out of herself again).

    Again, I hate her and her politics but I will tolerate her and let her live her life believing what she does. Sarah and you on the other hand are not willing to tolerate someone because of their sexual preference, and don't want them to live there life according to their sexual preference. That is why you and her are bigots, and why I'm not.

    Seriously, how can you be a lawyer if you're unable to make such a simple distinction between two different words, with two different meanings?

    Now, when YOUR ass stops hurting from having to pull your head out of it, go buy yourself a fucking dictionary.

    "Yep, I censored a comment on my blog. A guy kept making racist comments about my wife. So I deleted them. You apparently equate me deleting racist comments about my wife with someone not having the guts to put their name behind their posts."

    If someone made racist comments on your blog, then I find that offensive, and guess what? I would have spoken up against that too. The same way I find homophobic comments offensive. Do you see the irony? You believe that someone should be able to make one type of bigoted comments (homophobic ones), but not another type of bigoted comments (racist ones).

    By not allowing racist comments aren't you trying to create your own little "leftist PC world"? Don't you hate this? Oh that's right, it only leftist PC nonsense when it doesn't affect you personally. When it does, that is a different story, isn’t it? You are nothing but a hypocrite.

  44. Heh, thought you were done.

    I always get a kick out of someone throwing a tantrum and saying they are done with a conversation and, for some reason, thinking that I am somehow bound to that same statement. I reply, and suddenly the person pretending to be above the fray can't bite his tongue and has to go back on his word and sacrifice his dignity to get the last word.

    Ooh, you've been in newspapers and on television. Amazing. I've been on three major cable news networks, my works have been cited on CNN, Fox News, ESPN, CBC and TSN, and I've penned op/eds in dozens of newspapers. Big fucking deal. I knew plenty of queers and retards in college who were all over TV and newspapers. You don't have to be smart or respected, you just have to be a loudmouth. See Olbermann, Keith for a prime example. Or Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity, for that matter.

    I never called you a fag. I said you gayed things up because you were whining about Jellybelly using a derogatory term for homosexual. I wasn't calling you gay - unlike yourself, I don't make assumptions about people without some sort of evidence - I was pushing your buttons. I don't know if you're gay or straight, I just know you're an arrogant, elitist, ignorant, radical leftist dipshit.

    As for my remark about a particular constituency within the Left, hey, if you self-identify as being within that group, that's up to you. I didn't insult you, I insulted that group. You chose to be offended by it.

    Feel free to lighten the fuck up and shut your fucking hole at any time, asswipe.