Monday, March 9, 2009

This Is A Pure Example Of Ignorance

I cant even remember how many times I have told people that you dont grade low numbered cards, if not only because most of them never come in good condition in the first place. On top of all of that, is a 9.5 really going to do anything to the value of a 1/1? Probably not enough to justify those ridiculous cases. Then, if you consider that your card will probably end up like this idiot's, it becomes a completely ridiculous idea.

Secondly, who titles the auction like that? You didnt think that putting Peyton Manning's full was not the most important thing? I guess it only goes to show that if you are stupid enough to grade this card, you would be stupid enough to title your auction that way.

Lastly, its kind of a bad statement when Exquisite cards arent up to par with condition. I doubt that this card has ever left a holder except when going to the douches at beckett, and from personal experience, Exquisite cards are never perfect when coming out of the box. I have said before that they need to encase the cards, but I was informed that the cost in dollars and time would make it pretty much impossible. Either way, lets hope whoever gets this has the smarts to crack it, because right now I wouldnt even want it like that.

h/t Wheeler for the auction link.


  1. For such an expensive product, how are they damaged so easily?

  2. They arent damaged in any means, its just harder to meet "high grade" expectations because the cards arent the same as a base card. The stock is so thick, blemishes become easier to spot, and also easier to occur. Plus, they are player handled, so its quite possible the players do damage too.

    With the rarity, who cares, anyways, so its not a big deal when they dont grade high. Its not that type of card where a better grade makes any difference. When there are 10,000 of a card, its different.

  3. They're damaged because people like Gelman toss them around after opening them.

  4. hahaha anonymous hater above! Kudos for letting it pass Gelman you are a better man.... Must not have gotten aything on a box break. The fact they are mailed to the athlete then handled mailed or given someone to mail back to UD causes due harm..That is what on the card can get you sometimes...
    Great post about the Manning... Total Moron. BTW what would people pay for it. Guy countered me I am debating it. I think this is outside of his contenders the best Manning card out there. For the record if I win it I am busting that shit out of that horrible case.