Thursday, March 19, 2009


***Due to lack of interest (which I can understand at the price point) I have to cancel this. I will be refunding the money of those who have already paid***

Thank you for all who showed interest and perhaps at another time when the economy isn't so far in the dumps it might work out.


  1. Sign me up for two slots. I'll make the payment when I get home from work.

  2. I tried making a payment for two slots, but paypal seemed to be acting up. Please let me know if you got the payment or if I need to resend. Thanks.

  3. I did not get a payment, but hold off for a bit as it isn't looking like we are getting much action...I will put you down for two spots, but just wait to send payment.

  4. Put me down for 2 I will pay closer it gets to filling as well
    Thanks Howard

    ps rcarr Holy Cow If it is the same guy him and I go back :)

  5. Maybe if you made it per hit instead of per team you would get a little more interest. I'd take 2 slots if it were done like that even at the higher cost. So if you switch it put me down for 2 slots not next to each other. Thanks

  6. New to this, but I was thinking along the same lines. How much would it be if it were changed to a slot/hit (18 hits) - excluding the base cards (to be randomed out later)? Just curious. If it's not too bad, I'd be in for a slot.

  7. It would be $85 per slot for 18 slots.

    I personally have a tough time with that since that is 50% odds you are guaranteed to lose at least $50 and with the fact that most cards can be purchased for that price unless they are the "marquee" players.

    I am going to guess that the price point is just to high on this product to do a case and more than likely I will have to refund those who already paid.

    Oh well.

  8. Thats too bad, at $85 I definately would have done 2 slots. I mean if the others agreed to doing it this way and paid the extra $34 per slot we would only need 4 more slots paid for to do the break. Yes, I might be able to buy singles at a lower price, but thats the gamble with any break right? The $85 for a possible ryan, flacco, tiger... But at least you're guaranteed something that you can keep, trade, sell, whatever.

  9. Hey Wheeler,

    You guessed right - it's the same guy! RCarr, The layaway king! LOL