Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Product Value Review: Cancelled

First, a huge thank you to "tasteslikedirt" for creating this awesome banner that is truly a photographic analogy to the endeavor we are about to partake in.

Due to lack of interest this idea will be shelved until a later time if at all.....


  1. My guesses on percentage of return are the following:

    1. 48%
    2. 63%

    I purchased two shares so I have two guesses to put forth.

  2. Is this break gonna fly?...Wiscollector

  3. I might adapt it down to one box instead of a case since that would minimize the amount of money lost by participants. With that option I would do a multiple-share discount

    1 share = $12
    2 shares = $23
    3 shares = $32

    Look for an update tomorrow night....if I do that and you want to stay in for 3 shares you would have 2 more guesses for percentages....I will be in for 6 shares and I am guessing voluntarheel will be in for 3 shares so that would be 11 shares of the 50......we will see....if it doesn't work out I will be doing a 2008 National Treasures case with teams for purchase posted sometime this weekend.....I will refund your money if we don't have a significant sign-up by Friday.

  4. I would prefer a case, bu I'll stay in for 1 box as well....Wiscollector