Monday, March 16, 2009

Info On Exquisite Black and Gold Redemptions

This year in exquisite's gold packs, there were quite a few people who pulled the black and gold redemption cards for a key member of all 6 of the Steelers' championships. I thought it was a cool idea, as it really hasnt happened before that Exquisite has had a set like this. It gives the team collector an amazing set to complete, and the player collectors get cards that are commemorating one of the Steelers proudest moments. If I were a Steelers fan, I would be really happy about this.

The problem is, the checklist doesnt include some of the most "key" members of the teams:

bg-br Ben Roethlisberger /25
bg-ds Donnie Shell /150
bg-fh Franco Harris /100
bg-ha James Harrison /101
bg-hw Hines Ward /32
bg-jg Joe Greene 150
bg-jh Jack Ham /150
bg-jl Jack Lambert /150
bg-lg L.C. Greenwood /150
bg-lw Lamarr Woodley /150
bg-rb Rockey Bleier /150
bg-tb Terry Bradshaw /25
bg-tp Troy Polamalu /44
bg-wp Willie Parker /100

Now, the question I have is, where is the Bus, and where is Santonio Holmes? Both were important parts of two of the championships, but are not included. I know that you cant necessarily have everyone, but those were key to me. Otherwise, the checklist looks pretty good, with Harrison's card being one of the only autos, if not the only, he has, and also Polamalu getting some love. You can tell these cards will be in pretty high demand once redeemed, due to the set builders, and the Steelers collectors. I know 2 or 3 people that would pay out the nose for the Roethlisberger and the Ward.

It will be interesting to see how these turn out.

h/t Card Informant


  1. crap crap carap. You could buy most those autos for 50 bucks right now in this years exquiste alone LOL

    I for one held out and will not buy unnamed redemptions for that reason and I am a huge Steeler collector.


  2. oh, I wouldnt either, definitely wait for the redeemed ones.

  3. They need to get Holmes and Bettis in there. I hate when companies have a great idea but can't put out a completed checklist. I am interested to see the design, however.

  4. appears that they are royally screwing this up...people are getting theres all over now, and I am still waiting for my 10. It also appears they are just taking them "off the top" so to random order...if I get 10 of the same card I will not be pleased! (Unless it's Polamalu..that won't be so bad :))