Monday, March 9, 2009

I Took A Huge Risk Today

Oh man, I am shaking about this. Here is what happened:

I saw that AD's redemptions from UD products started showing up on eBay. The problem was that the cards I wanted were not listed at a reasonable price, and I got really ancy about buying up an Exquisite redemption before some of the fufilled cards got through to the bay and jacked up the price on the ones that hadn't been redeemed. I had the money from the junk auction, and I started looking around the checklist on UD's exquisite site. I thought that the gold /10 was the best picture, and the gold marker would be awesome (even if the new sig isnt even close to the old one). Regardless, the issue remained: did he only sign a few cards, or did he sign them all? Will I get fucked again? I hope not. Remember, I already had to give up on an SPA redemption from last year, and that didnt necessarily work out in my favor with the LeBron Sweet Shot I got as a replacement.

So, despite my best intentions, I took a risk. I decided it was worth the shot, and I will use it as a testimonial for the readers. Rather than spending 200 on a box and getting crap, I will put some of that money towards the card I want. I figured at least I would end up with something worth my time.

I emailed Gregg and asked what had happened with the signing, as it seemed beofre like UD was just about done with waiting on AD to sign. He has yet to respond. Hopefully I will get positive results in a rough time for UD.  If not, you guys will hear about it.

Gregg, the ball is in your court now.


  1. Why did he change his sig. That looks like ass. I'd go after some of the older stuff.

  2. I would have too, but Im not a fan of the remaining cards that he has. I got most of the ones I want except for the SPA patch auto (Too expensive), the National Treasures (Too expensive), and the Exquisite (Way too fucking expensive). With this, I get another cool looking exquisite card to add to the collection (if I get it), and though the sig is not as good, its a really nice design.

  3. Yeah that new sig is nutzzzz. Glad to see Mendenhall has moved to 3 on worse sig. Johnson, Peterson, Mendenhall... You should have saved for the sp authentic. The money you got off that auction you only needed another 100?

  4. Actually, the SPAs that are worth getting are 4-500. Otherwise they have weird ass sigs that dont look as good as the other ones. If I am going to get an SPA, I want it to be nice. I know that sounds stupid considering what I just bought, yet, I dont even understand me sometimes. It seems like lately I am going completely nuts.