Tuesday, March 3, 2009

First Look At A 2008 Exquisite Case Break

For Exquisite, last year was a big problem because we saw that there were a lot of cases that were pretty good and the rest were beyond awful. This year there were promises of the boxes being better packed, and with the addition of the gold card set, breaks should be more valuable in the long run and the short run.

Well, on blowout, there have been a few cases broken already, and here is the most complete with pics. I would say we have come a few steps with the value of the breaks based on what we have seen from these three, but definitely still far away from where they should be. Exquisite costs in upwards of 75 dollars per hit, and due to that, we really need some good value in the boxes. I dont expect every box to be a gold box, but I do expect that there is at least one card that people would consider to be great.

Hopefully, as the case breaks move on, we would be able to get a better picture of what to expect in our box that should be coming on Friday.


  1. Couple of nice Portis cards in there. Can't wait until a few hit ebay.

  2. Those gold ink autos are sexy!

  3. The gold ink autos do look great RIGHT NOW, but as an autograph collector I can tell you that you should never get anything signed in gold because the pigment eventually oxidizes and turns a nasty brownish-bronze color. The cards signed in gold will be worthless in 5-10 years because they're going to look like s**t.