Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fake PSA 9 1952 Bowman Mantle On Ebay

A very hot button issue has come up lately on a number of different message boards around the net and I wanted to post about it here. Apparently, a douchebag from Southern California or Mexico has found a way to counterfeit the PSA holders and labels. He has a bunch of fake 1952 Mantle Bowman cards, and is using his "talent" for making the fake holders to sell them on eBay and Craigslist. It may not be easy to spot for the untrained eye, but many people have the cards in hand and know they are fake. Someone even compared bar codes and they all looked eerily similar.

The first time this was put up for auction, eBay removed it after a bunch of complaints came in. There were also four or five collectors from around the net who purchased similar cards from the guy but immediately realized they were fake. I mentioned a few days ago that its becoming very hard to trust any of these people any more, mainly because the scam level is so fucking high. I also mentioned that no matter what the technology is, someone will find a way to take advantage of it. The fucking idiots who throw ethics and the law out the window are the people that have made this hobby one of the least trustworthy pastimes there is.

According to the boards, PSA has been contacted a number of times, but has yet to do anything about it. Typical.

Guys, it comes down to the golden rule of collecting: IF IT SEEMS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT PROBABLY IS.


  1. I think I was taken on a Jim Brown card - Donruss Classics. How could I get someone to check it to see if it's fake or not?

  2. Hey gellman I saw on a post you were looking for a chris johnson auto that was more then "CJ"
    well I have one that "Chris Jnh__" signed into it. The pic is on my phone do you have a cell phone # or email address I could email it to? if you like the card reply to this post thanks

  3. I got kicked off the CU message boards about a year ago for mentioning that their labels were very easy to counterfeit and that their holders were easy to crack and reseal.

    Looks like nothing has changed...

  4. Hey we are the sellers of this card. This card is 100% real. And if you like come and se it first hand. We got nothing to hide from anyone. You conviently left our the only 2 payment options and those were CASH IN PERSON and AMEX. I don't understand why people go around hating on others. Especially people like you.

  5. Hey Guys,

    Where can I find 1951 Bowman Mickey Mantle graded 4 or better for good price? Plus, I don't want bid auction on Ebay.

    thank you