Sunday, February 15, 2009

This Only Adds Fuel To My Beckett Hate Fire

Ted C sent me this story today, and I laughed because it has happened to me so, so, so many times.

"Just wanted to write you today and tell you how much I've been enjoying your site. I can relate to your experience from a few months ago when yesterday I had some Joe C. back out on a huge deal over $10 bv. I spent hours looking at his trade site, checking completed sales on ebay, and even looking at my October beckett. I had a card that he supposedly needed, but he would not go over an imaginary limit of $400 bv because the card did not book. He offered me 3 cards, 1 for a set I am working on and 2 others that I really liked. I researched it and accepted. He responds a week later saying that his math was wrong and the 3 cards added up to $410 bv, 10 over his "limit". I told him he could check my bucket and pick something small to complete the deal. He 'didn't see anything.'"

Now, aside from the absolute idiocy of this insaneulous Beckett thumping idiot, I just want to detail a story that you all have experienced. Its basically the way my life on message boards worked, that is until I vowed to stop trading on them.

You see a card you want, and you see that the guy needs something that you have. Its like a match made in heaven and you get happy because you have a chance to get that card. You PM the trader and you say that you have what he wants. Then you wait.

He PMs you back and says that he likes what you have but the cards dont equal the BV that it says in his latest cum mag.

Your heart dies a little because you know he cares more about the arbitrary hat drawn value than he does about the card he needs. You know this will be a long ordeal.

You PM him back saying that he can choose something small to add to the deal because you want the card he has enough to play his retarded game.

He PMs you back saying he cant find anything, so he'll have to pass.

You curse beckett and their clones again.

Dont act like you dont know what Im talking about. I guarantee you have been that guy who dies before.


  1. That is so retarded. This is exactly why I prefer to simply give my unwanted cards away and let the recipient send what they want in return, or send nothing. I'm good either way. what matters to me is that the person I sent cards to is happy with what they got...

  2. This is why when I trade it's for old cards I need for a set. If someone needs something I have, and I don't need anything they have, they can still have the cards.

    At this point in my hobby re-education, I'm more interested in getting rid of extra cards than I am in one for one trade values.

    My most current Beckett monthly magazine is June 1993 if that tells you anything.

  3. I feel ya.

    I had a guy ask what a BV was for one of my cards. I told him I didn't know, but I would need $11 dlvd for it. This is his response:

    "well if ur askin for 11 bucks can u do 20 in trade??? "

    I honestly didn't even know what to say as this way of thinking is either way above or way below my mental ability.


  4. You have to love (and by love I mean despise) Beckett and idiots who think it is the be all and end all.

    Here is what I don't understand. Beckett have said on a number of occassions that due to the "volatility" of ebay sales, ebay sale prices are for the most part aren't taken into account when "determining" the book value of cards.

    Yet how is it that Beckett is able to determine the "market price" of an autographed card that is numbered out of 25 a month or two after a product has come out? Given the thousands of boxes produced of most product, in the first month or two you are lucky 10 to 15 of a card will make it onto the market at the absolute most. Given the fact that the product is new, by it's very nature the prices will be volatile, as people will want to purchase the singles of the new product and don't have any idea what previous cards have sold for. Yet Beckett is still able to "determine" a market value for it that isn't volatile? Yeah, and Kurt Warner isn't a religious fundamentalist.

    On another note, rumours have it that after all the fraud they have perpetrated, Lee and Hackler are a little excited, I mean worried about the prospect of going to prison. In order to "brace" themseleves for this, each day the two of them play a little game called "dropping the soap in the prison shower".

  5. Can I give you credit, link it and post this article on a card trading message board?
    You hit the nail on the head on this situation. The fucktards that won't trade b/c the cards he wants and the cards I want don't add up to the same bull shit BV drive me crazy.
    WTF does it matter. If you like this card and I like the card you have and you feel it's equal... TRADE!
    Beckett's BV is proven to have nothing rooted in reality so why would it make a difference in a trade?

  6. I dont care, do what you want. I dont use story copyrights... haha.

  7. That guy was totally right. I've had this happen more than once, even with guys who have pretty decent blogs in this community and seemed like reasonable people up until it came time to pull the trigger on a relatively small trade. I'm not going to say who they are, but they're the very opposite of someone like David (the first poster) who fully subscribes to the notion that a good deed (or trade) is its own reward. People like me, like dayf, like David...we have built up a professional relationship, and along with that comes the realization that things will even out in the end. I've certainly gotten the better and the worse end of a several trades over the last couple of years, but I probably stand about even. I got some cards I wanted, and I found a good home for some other ones.

  8. Gellman, as someone who has previously worked in copyright law, in most countries in the world (and I am certain this includes the US) one doesn't need to "copyright" their work to have it protected. So long as a work is substantial and unique enough, then it automatically attracts copyright protection.

    Anonymous was thus right in seeking your permission - so long as your work was substantial and unique enough to attract copyright protection. Whether it is or not is a long story....

  9. About a week and a half ago, I had something similar happen. Some guy posted his SPA case break on some forums and let the board know that most everything was FS/FT. There was an absolutely sweet redemption that would fit perfectly into my PC, so I PM'ed him what I thought was a very reasonable offer ($60). He sent a message back indicating that he wanted about $125 for said card because that's what he thought it might book for when the book actually came out. Even went so far to say he had already gotten offers in "the $100 range" which was either BS or there are some dumb people on those boards. I was absolutely floored and cut of the negotiations there.

    Interestingly enough, a redemption for the same card appeared on ebay a couple days later and it ended last night. Ended up paying less than $61.50 including shipping.

  10. Maybe, Some of these drone monthly beckett subscribers should read becketts own disclaimer " buyers and sellers should hanldle thier (you and me) personal collections at their own risk" in lamens terms We don't know what your cards worth we don't take ay time to look or care about an actual general value and if you follow our formula your fckd, we just sell magazines" OK I added a little. But WTF man just look at ebay its not that hard why people still cling to this magazine is beyond me. Grant