Friday, February 6, 2009

Suggestion For 2009 Football Products

Listen, I know that I am not going to be able to stop card companies from using Event Used "Relics" in their cards, so I have given that up. The thing with event used, is that they could literally give a rookie a jersey that is covered in patches and logos, and really, we wouldnt know any different. It could be that easy, and the cards would look exactly the same. On top of all that, the jersey would only be worn for as long as it takes the player to put it on and pull it off. That is what event used is, and I hate it. There is no connection to a game, and there sure is no connection to a player. Dont believe me? Here is a great article that describes what happens at the rookie premiere.

Dont get me wrong, I think that the rookie premiere is a great thing. It gets us pics of the RCs for card releases, and is a great time for the companies to get on card autos and to stock up on their stickers to use. Without the RC premiere, our card year would suck. Yet, as with every good idea in this hobby, there is a ridiculously bad thing that goes along with it.

The event used "relics" are bad, but the event used footballs are the worst fucking idea that has ever graced the windows of relic cards. Basically, a guy from UD, DLP, and Topps, on their specific day, stands by a tent and throws football after football at the RCs, they catch them and throw them back. Thats it. Fucking insaneulous.

Just for some background, I am against game used ball cards in general. They are just stupid, unless they have an autograph ON THE RELIC. In my mind, the ball is the least important piece of memorabilia in the game itself, with helmets, pants, jerseys, shoes and even gloves, all above it. They use so many balls, it takes the aura away. With event used balls, you are so far down the totem pole, that you are in the dirt the totem pole is buried in for stability. Plus, with all the fucking relics that come out in a year for a specific player, is there really a need to use the balls?

DLP uses them more than anyone. They are public enemy number one with these testicles of the card industry. Absolute, Gridiron Gear, among others, all have ball relics in the MAIN hits for the product. That sucks the sweaty sac of the Bills' backup left tackle. Ditch it for good.

In a perfect world, we would be satisfied with RC autos until they got some game used shit from the first few games. Everyone plays in pre-season, even Brock Lesnar, so dont think that there wont be anything. At least that way, we get some player important stuff that can actually be considered a "relic."


  1. I totally agree with you - but unless collectors stop buying products that include "event used" memorabilia including balls, nothing will change. The Matt Ryan card that I gave my brother for Christmas had a piece of an event-used ball in it. I knew that it was meaningless, but it did make the card look nice.

    And by the way, the sweaty sack that you're talking about belongs to a guy named Kirk Chambers...

  2. While I'd agree with you for the most part, let me give you a scenario. Say that you could get a relic card with a piece of football in it. This football was the one used to score the game winning field goal/touchdown in super bowl whatever. Would you still be disappointed by it?