Monday, February 9, 2009

A-Rod May Have Taken Steroids, But He Is Not a Bonds Level Douche

Man, it really sucks that A-rod was one of the players stupid enough to take steroids. Not only does it give the Jeter lovers more ammo for their asinine arguments, but it also says a lot as to the state of baseball in general.

Listen, ill give him kudos for admitting it. It just shows exactly what an admission of guilt can do for a person in a bad situation. Why cover it up and give us more reason to hate you? I have lost respect for Arod, but not as much as I would have if he didnt admit to it. *AHEM* BONDS *AHEM*

When it comes down to it, the skill it takes to hit major league pitching far outweighs the balance of using drugs to get stronger. Just because you have massive muscles and can recover from injury faster does not mean a Johan Santana change up is easier to hit. You have to have that skill. Plus, its not THAT big of a deal if a home run travels 450 instead of 425. Again, no excuse, but its worth mentioning.

The issue also hinges on the fact that there are so many players out there who just wont say that they took roids, and that it is still rampant in todays league. Steroids are bad for the game, and though they may empower you in the short term, the long term effects are ridiculous.

Arod will still be the best ever when things are said and done, and though his stuff is now tainted, its not going to be much different when we look back on him 20 years from now thanks to his apology. Clemens, Bonds, and company though, with their constant lack of respect for the public, will never reach any level until they come clean. A few people in the hobby could also gain from that idea.


  1. AHole has helped to tarnish the whole era. Sadly, I don't think anyone from this era will be considered the best (Bonds or AFraud) becaues there will always be an * included. Could this will help give players from the '80s more respect?

  2. I don't think the beef is with the difference between 425 and 450. Its the difference between 350 and 375 that ends up being a homerun when it normally wouldn't that is the issue.

    If steroids didn't work, then nobody would have been taking them. It's that simple. It's like a cop telling me that radar detecters don't work. If that's the case, then why do my friends with them speed like heck and never get caught.

    I don't know if that analogy works, but it bugs me nonetheless.


  3. I'm not into baseball, but anyone taking steroids will forever be considered a cheater in my book. Whatever your accomplishments were are erased, you have accomplished NOTHING while taken steroids.

    I don't even want to know about how much steroids are used in football but I bet you it's way more than in baseball. I hope it will never surface as it would probably burst a bubble.

  4. Has there been talk in the media in the US about him losing sponsorship deals and the bad example he is setting for children?

    The reason I ask is because of the recent publicity surrounding Michael Phelps and his smoking pot. Firstly, I will say that as Michale Phelps is well known in Australia, while Alex Rodriguez isn't, there was publicity about his smoking pot. Secondly, while Michael Phelps is agreat swimmer, he doesn't strike me as being a great guy.

    That being said, there was a lot of publicity in Australia about Michael Phelps smoking pot and how bad it was given he was a "role model" for children, and that he may lose sponsorship deals as a result.

    Now I hope that in the US (because this isn't really getting media over here) that at least the same is being said about Alex Rodriguez, because what he has done is much worse than smoking some pot. Why?

    Now while smoking dope isn't harmless like some people will tell you, it is much safer than injecting steroids into your body - any reputable physician will tell you this. Thus the example from a health point of view Alex Rodriguez is setting is much worse.

    More importantly, Alex Rodriguez was cheating when he took the steroids, while Michael Phelps did not smoke the dope to cheat - if anything it may have even worked against him. Thus, Alex Rodriguez has essentially said that if you're best isn't good enough, then you should cheat to improve your best. I believe this is a much worse example to set than smoking some dope to relax.

    On the other hand Michale Phelps did drive while intoxicated, endangering the lives of others, and for this he should have been treated like a pariah, instead of being put up on a pedastal.

  5. Alex,

    Nobody really liked ARod here in the first place. I can't think of one endorsement off the top of my head other than Rock Band II. And that one, funny enough, was with Michael Phelps. That commercial has produced a pot-head, a roid-rager, a suspected rapist and Tony Hawk on the drums!

    What's funny is the paradoxical nature of the newsmedia. If they had never reported the Phelps story at all, then it would have probably reached like 3 kids. But then they wouldn't be doing their job. However, now that they did their job, the story now has reached like 3 million. Catch 22 baby.