Monday, February 23, 2009

NFL Combine Delivers The Freaks

You know, at this point the combine is pretty much a sideshow, and is really just for those people who already havent cemented their draft status. Listen, I understand Stafford not working out at the combine, why should he? I mean, he has already established himself as the top pick, plus he has to go to an unfamiliar field with unfamiliar receivers, and really cant help himself even if he does well. Look at Ryan, he did the same thing and it didn’t hurt, why not try it too?

Well, it wasn’t such a well thought out experience for everyone. Stupidly, Andre Smith, who was a projected top 5 pick, decided to show up overweight, not participate, and in the process basically destroyed his chances as a top pick. Its like showing up to your job interview wearing board shorts and an In 'n Out Burger t-shirt. He is one stupid fuck, and now he may be a top 25 pick, if he is lucky. Im guessing he will end up with the Vikings just to spite me. Great, draft a classy player who cant even stay fit when its his job.

Crabtree and Maclin had problems too, as each ended up or came with leg injuries, and although their draft status shouldn’t be too affected by it, the slight injuries (at least to Crabtree) were enough to peak interest in whether or not they may be 100 percent come time for camp.

There werent too many surprises overall, per the NFL network, in terms of the first round picks. Moreno and Wells had some pretty bad 40 times, and that was pretty much it. With last year's first rounders all at or around 4.4, to see Wells at 4.59 and Moreno at 4.61 was pretty disappointing. Ill say, I still think Moreno and Wells have a very good shot at being good backs in the NFL, though I think without a good OLine to play behind, they may be busts all together. I know thats like saying without speed you wont be a good track star, but there are some backs who can play behind shitty lines and still have great careers. Its rare, but it wont be that way for either of these guys.

My impressions are this, if you want a skill player, the draft this year is pretty thin. QBs, RBs and WRs have a few stand outs, but even the stand outs don’t match the hype of previous years. If you need an OT, DL, or LB, you are in luck, as this draft seems pretty fucking deep. Its also going to be pretty interesting to see values in the hobby, because without a hyped up guy, the cards wont sell as well. Stafford alone cannot hold a product, so lets hope someone does something good, and early in the year. That way we don’t end up with 3 belly up card companies. You may want to chastize me for saying that, but the RC class drives a product, and this year it doesn’t look promising from my eyes.


  1. I completely agree with you as far as RCs driving the product. However, the combine never makes or breaks a player. I think there are several solid QBs and RBs. Wells and Moreno as you said are two RBs that could start right now. I give a slight edge to Moreno. Don't let the numbers fool you, I saw him play in HS and he was a freak then. He never really had top speed, it was his moves that were ridiculous. As far as QBs, Stafford, Sanchez, and believe it or not White from WVU looked like he can be an NFL QB.

  2. The combine always makes a couple players stand out based on their numbers (see Mike Mamula, Vernon Gholston). Often (hopefully) they start to slip back down once the hype dies down.

    I have read that Sanchez impressed a lot of people, and may be seen by some teams as equal to Stafford now, especially because Stafford didn't work out. Personally, I don't think either is worth the top pick in the draft--Ryan & Flacco were 5th year QBs who performed decent in pro style offenses in college despite not having the best talent around them. I don't think either Stafford or Sanchez can step in year 1 and win--and if the Lions were to go with either of them, I would be more willing to bet they have the next Tim Couch/David Carr than Peyton Manning.

  3. I havn't followed the draft prospects too much but experts say that this is a very good WR year.

    I did watch quite alot during the weekend of the receivers I liked Brian Robiskie the best. I hope that the Giants will draft him...

  4. I just can't wait to get that andre smith daul fuc*** in & out and short dual jersey combine card! that will sell just for comical value. FN ridiculous. Grant old school pack buster

  5. gellman, Iv'e heard on other forums that collecting defensive players is is waste of time. I do realize the stars are going be good but as a standard it's not a huge defense market. Just asinfg your opinion as I do Agre wih you too much is put into QB'S WR & RB and at one point or another weve all been burnt by that. Thanks gellman and any other input from all of you. IN just 6 months on the forum Iv'e leaned more then I did in y 80's -1990 collecting days an all were gonna due is grow and takeover beckett ( OK too far there!) J/K Grant old school pack buster! join me) Last plug for myself sorry! I mean well