Friday, January 2, 2009

Wild Card Weekend: Why This Matters More Than Most Years

When I look back over the season, I cannot believe the playoffs are already here. Its like preseason was just starting last week. Personally, im pissed, as now its basically three days until the Vikings season is over - a week and a half at the VERY most, and then I will be left to my mock drafts and other junk until next year.

Until that time, Wild Card weekend will be a crazy weekend for collectors. There are two RC QBs that are leading their teams into the game, and more than a couple RC RBs that are part of the focus of their teams this week and next week. Hell, there could be a lot of movin' and shakin' if both Ryan, Flacco, Stewart, and Chris Johnson all have amazing games. I have already seen quite a few auctions that end just after the games will end, Im guessing they are hoping for a nice boost with a win too.

Funny enough, WCW (yes!) is not just about the RCs either, this year. We have Adrian Peterson in his first playoff game as a Viking and Donovan McNabb in possibly his last as an Eagle. We also have Peyton and Addai going for the Colts, and Tomlinson for the Chargers. All of these guys stand to gain ground in the hobby or lose it for good depending on who you are. You can bet your ass that if LT has a great game for the Chargers, his value may climb back to where it was at the beginning of the season, but if he tanks, that may be the nail in the coffin for his 2008 values. Peterson, on the other hand, has held steady all year, and I expect that if the Vikings win, with or without his help, it will mean quite a deal for his value.

Here is my take on things when it comes to people like Ryan and Flacco. Right now, there is a good chance that the value they will attain after their run in the playoffs will be the biggest jump they will get for a while. If you are sitting on their stuff, it should be on eBay after this first win, ending after the second game is over. There is no reason to sit on it, when you can probably buy it back much cheaper next year. If you are holding Forte's stuff, you missed the boat already, and Stewart and Johnson's boats are docked in the harbor. Unless you are a player or team collector, its always nice to strike while the iron is hot. Dont wait for more value to accumulate, they are still a few superbowls away from being outside your price range.

I think playoff football is great, and with even more than pride riding on the game for me, having invested a little in all of the above for the entire 2008 season, makes it that much more fun. I know the Vikings will probably be killed at home, but at least they got there, and that gives me one more week to watch. I have my beer and brats ready to go, and my spot on the couch will definitely be warm come Saturday and Sunday.


  1. speaking of "player collecting" (and this is something I posted on FCB and got no replies) So I figure I'll ask you since I know you are a Peterson collector.

    Are you aware of and if so do you care about the "player collection" thing Topps is doing with every base set card of AP and 29 other guys in all eleven of their football releases this year?

    We did sort of an "educational" video to promote it because its mentioned I think once on the base Topps sellsheet and thats it.

    and when I say "we" all I mean is myself and Alan Narz (not anybody associated with the Topps football brand manager or promotion)

    this is the video:

  2. I did see that on a lot of the chrome cards i broke this year, but didnt really get it.

  3. yah, well the sellsheet they put out for it is misleading because it shows the back of a base Topps Drew Brees (which is card #1 in the set) with the "1 of 11" logo (1 being base Topps)

    But the those two numbers have nothing to do with eachother (the individual card's number in the set and the number out of eleven in the player collection logo)

    probably the worst card they could have used as an example for it actually.

  4. I am very happy for Flacco, but man is it getting expensive collecting him. Last season sitting in my seats watching him, I kept hoping he'd get hot enough to get some good cards made so I can collect a fellow Blue Hen. Well, it happened. I never expected anything like this.

  5. Bye bye Falcons!

    Ryan pretty much took Falcons out of the Playoffs with his 2 INTs, 1 fumble and a saftey(hould have been another saftey but the ref didn't take the holding in the end zone).

    Yes Ryan did a good job moving the ball but all those misstakes eventually cost them the game. I don't really like Falcons or Cardz but I'm glad I might not have to listen to all the hype of Ryan for the rest of the Playoffs.