Sunday, January 4, 2009

Random Musings: Wild Card Weekend

So I am watching the pregame stuff on TV and one of the segments that is done on the NFL network is the weather report for the Eagles and Vikings. What makes this a fail is that the game is indoors, so unless there is a day after tomorrow type freeze, the game is going to happen. What makes this an epic fail is that they actually spend a few minutes talking about what the temp will be when they are leaving the stadium. Listen, if you dont have anything to fucking talk about, at least pick a stupid topic that has something to do with this game. I would rather hear about sock problems on Pat Williams, or Brian Westbrook's pregame meal than the fucking weather for a domed game.

Secondly as I am watching, Adrian Peterson makes a awe befuddling proclamation. His daughter's name is Adeja, which may not seem all that weird until you notice that his nick-name is "All Day." I am shocked that Adeja's mom let him go that far. I guess when you make as much money as he has off being Mr. All Day, you let him go as far as he wants.

As for predictions, I am not even shocked when I say my score is Philly 31, Vikings 7. This game is primed for a blowout. In fact, I dusted off my copy of Madden 09 and played a game with these two teams on the All-Madden setting. Normally I play on the second from the top as I am not that good, but you shouldnt be shocked that my Vikings lost 20-17 on a last second field goal. When I cant beat the Eagles on Madden, its a bad, bad sign.

Watch for Westbrook to destroy the record for receiving yards for a non receiver in a game record. He should have something like 15 catches for 400 yards. Im not even kidding.


  1. The faith you have in your team is awe inspiring.

  2. Talkin about pre-game windbags...the 'geniuses' at NBC brought in franchise destroyer Millen for their playoff coverage. As a Lions fan, I blame him for the debacle that was the 08 Lions.

  3. Go Vikes!

    As a Giants fan, I would rather face Arizona than Philly next week.

  4. it's freakin ZERO degrees now. Just watched the Fins fans leaving in their shorts and tees. that is so foreign to me...