Friday, January 9, 2009

Cards and Life - Part 2

Last year, I talked about interviewing for the new position at work and having a chat with my interviewer about cards that were brought up during the course of the interview, well it turns out that there are more cardboarders in all parts of the woodwork at my job, and they are always cool to talk to.

For the last week, I have been training and "shadowing" for my new position, or basically learning how to do what I already know how to do. In the process of this sometimes ridiculously boring part of the new job, there was a bright ray of glorious light.

Most of the time I have my cards and stuff shipped to work because of numerous problems I have had with the apartment managers here, and yesterday was no different. I had recently spent some of the money I got from selling the Peterson rookie premiere auto and bought a 2007 base chrome auto. Normally the base chomies are not that big of a deal, but for AD, they just never come up. Its always the superfractor /10 or the refractor out of 25. Either way, one of my new coworkers catches me pulling the card out of the envelope and almost flips - in a good way.

We get to talking, and it turns out he loves collecting, hates beckett, and spends most of the day reading blogs and stuff. He mentioned that he reads SCU on a regular basis, but didnt know that I worked for the same company. He also mentioned Fielder's Choice and Wax Heaven, of course, but his main topic of conversation was the YouTube rant I posted a few days ago. He said he posted a video of him and his son opening a few packs, and had to take it down because some kid, whose only contribution to youtube was maildays and hot pack breaks, made comments about his son's appearance. I told him that it didnt surprise me, and that he would be among the majority of the people on youtube who have wanted to pull vids because of retarded 12 year olds.

Lastly, its cool to see that there are people out there that you never expect to collect, and they always have a few words to say, even in the craziest of environments. To Rick, thanks for the coolness.


  1. Awesomeness. I expect to see some blogs of you and your coworker opening packs on company time ;)

    Its a shame that a father and son can't even share their love for the hobby with people that would appreciate it because of some stupid little brats.


  2. Great story, these are the best.

  3. Wow - that is awesome! I am happy to keep my work life and collecting life separate though.