Friday, December 12, 2008

Wow, Now Is The Time To Order Boxes

First off, let me say, I am not receiving anything free for posting this. Secondly, it shouldnt matter, because this is great shit.

For those of you wax busters out there, you know that we arent the only ones struggling in the economy these days. Not only do the shops feel it due to a retail sales dip during christmas time, but they also give you ways to save that would never ever be available before. This carries into both Blowout Cards and DACardworld as both are offering some pretty awesome deals for the holidays.

First off, you can get free shipping from both sites, pretty much automatically. That is huge when they normally charge 9 bucks and above to ship your shit to you. Secondly, they are both having holiday sales that put normal box prices to shame. With DA, you can get free stuff with just about any order, all the way up to really nice boxes and packs with orders over $1000 dollars. Buy $50-$1000 bucks worth of any sport at drastically reduced prices and you will get a slew of boxes and packs to go with it.

At Blowout, they are offering amazing prices on a lot of sweet boxes, like Legendary Cuts, Leaf Limited, Chrome Baseball and FB, and about 100 others. Its worth taking a look, I bought a few things for myself at both stores, and I am pretty happy with my purchases.

If DA and Blowout are reading this and want to give us some boxes to break (or not break) and send out to the readers, I guess I can get into the holiday spirit and have some nice giveaways just this once, mainly since the manufacturers are really not involved in this.


  1. I noticed these offers too. I ordered enough boxes from Dave & Adam's to get a hobby box of 2007 SP Rookie Edition baseball for free. It's not the greatest of all products, but still, it's nice to have for free! My stuff should be delivered to my house either today or tomorrow.

  2. Thanks for the mention on your site.
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    Thanks again


  3. Dave, I ordered some threads BB - FINALLY - and a box of Bowman Chrome from DA and a box of Topps Chrome from BO.

  4. To Blowout, ill shoot you an email, maybe we can work something out for SCU readers.

  5. Those are some SWEET prices, Blowout.