Sunday, December 28, 2008

Vikings Recap: Week 17

"By the little tiny hairs on our chinny chin chins..."

Thats basically what the whole season was like, and now the Vikings are division champs. I am loving it, and I am loving it even more that Neckbeard and the Bears didnt even have the stones to win in Houston. Its been a wild ride, and if you told me that we would be division champs at this time six in September, I would have told you that you had to go get your head checked. Even though we wont be winning next week, its still nice to be at the table.

Tarvaris Jackson

Wow, he still has a mammoth amount of stuff to make up in order to be a good NFL QB, but he has gotten the job done. After that interception on the goal line, I was chastizing Childress more than him for calling a pass play with the best RB tandem in the league, but I guess it worked out in the end. There sure were quite a few plays he was responsible for that left me with my head scratching, but that was forgotten with the Bernard Berrian TD.

Adrian Peterson

What a season he has had. Just an amazing display of tenacity, even though fumbles again were a problem. Tiki had some problems originally with that, though with experience that should be fixed. The 67 yard blitzkrieg was awesome to watch, and I am happy that he finished as the NFL rushing leader. Hopefully he comes to play next week too, we are going to need it.


I think this game only showed how bad our defense can be without Patty McFatty. He plugs holes better than his Williams counterpart, and I am sooooooo glad that he could be back next week. That Hixon TD was also one of the worst Winfield plays I have ever seen, so we will definitely need to tighten up if we are even going to have a chance next week.

Ryan Longwell

Longwell, my hero, has been perfect from 50+ this year, and that is so freaking important in this league that you wouldnt even fathom where the Vikings would be without that kind of dependability. I havent mentioned him much in these recaps, but damn, he still has it.

Brad Childress

Childress sucks so bad he was almost taken to school by David Carr and a bunch of scrubs. That takes talent. He has his job for one more year, and that scares the hell out of me. I really hope he isnt stupid enough to let another draft go by without taking a NFL level QB, because he definitely is that dumb to me. If I was sitting in the stadium of Childress' head, I would see nothing but Tjack love, which will suck for many, many reasons.

Overall, I think this seasons win total stops at 10, with Philly coming to town next week, however maybe, just maybe we can pull another one out of our ass. Here's to one more week of torture, watching another 100 fumble game, and screaming loudly into a pillow when Westbrook goes for 200 and 3 TDs.


  1. I told you, you were going to win. Though your team almost proved me wrong. I'd be worried about that having to face the Eagles.

  2. congrats on the W...stupid Bears Fd it all up! could've had us both in the playoffs.

  3. I honestly don't see the Vikes pulling off a first round win. I could see it happening, but i will be surprised. Philly's playing good right now, and they will be rolling after that huge win. Time will tell though.

  4. I admit I was wrong Gellman. Hopefully they can kill Philly!

  5. Congrats Vikings. Panthers win as well. I think the Giants got the worst draw though, having to play the winner of yall or the eagles. I'll take Atlanta/Arizona any day.

    Good Luck! I hope to see yall in person at Panther Stadium in 3 weeks!


  6. Voluntarheel-

    The Giants actually play the winner with the lowest seed (it isn't set up so that they play the winner of Atlanta/Arizona). For instance if both Arizona and Minnesota win then Arizona will go to New York and Minnesota will play your Panthers. New York will not have to play Minnesota until the NFC Championship if both teams were to make it. The Giants cannot in anyway play the Vikings in the next round. If the Vikings win they go to Carolina.

  7. Pastor -

    Yeah, thanks for that. I saw some stupid bracket mess on nfl live and typed the post without thinking it through. You're right on this one.

    So let me rephrase. I hope the Vikings beat the Eagles and come to Carolina. I haven't seen Peterson play live. I just think Carolina wants a second shot at the Vikes anyway.