Monday, December 22, 2008

Vikings Recap: Week 16

Typical Vikings, I cant believe we blew that game. It was really just a comedy of errors, and it may cost us the season if the Giants decide to play any of their starters next week. Im still hoping Chicago loses tonight, but we all know that wont happen.

Special Teams

If the special teams coach isnt fired by the beginning of next year, you better bet your ass that I will walk down to the dome and poop on his car. Wow, what a pitiful performance again by special teams.


Did they grease the ball or something? I have never seen so many fumbles in a single game since Daunte Culpepper left. 7 fumbles? I want to see a training video of the coaches giving footballs to the players to carry around and then seeing if the defense can knock them away in class and recover them, like in that one movie. That is definitely needed here.

Tarvaris Jackson

Needs to know how to get rid of the ball. He holds onto it like its his baby boy and he has separation anxiety. This has been a big problem for Vikings QBs, mainly because neither of them are really very good. I mean, look at some of the QBs and backup QBs around the league. Some of them just look like they know what is happening around them, others (like Jackson sometimes) look like they are high on peyote and are having a bad trip in the pocket.

Adrian Peterson

Shitty, shitty game, I guess he is entitled to one, JUST NOT THIS LATE IN THE FUCKING SEASON. Dammit, do it in week 8 vs the Bucs or something, now is where you step up. DAMMIT.

Brad Childress

Could be the worst play caller in history. I sat there with a clip board and counted the number of times I was right on the play calls. I totalled 15 plays in a row at one point. Get a new coach, this is a big issue. Billy B's pats win with shitty players because they are well coached. The Vikings suck because they are coached by a retarded looking bird that resembles a vulture.


All our receivers suck with few exceptions. We have more holes to fill this offseason than a golf course with a gopher problem.

Here is to the giants not playing hard next week, because I hate them and because we are going to need help to get into the postseason. I hope to god things work out because I am bored during playoff times with no Vikings. However, maybe if they don’t make it, Childress will be fired. Crap, that is a tough pickle to decide how to cheer. One and done in the playoffs or no playoffs and no childress. Hmmm.


  1. Pretty much the whole Giants team is banged up. Vikings should win easily if Giants rest all their banged up players, which I hope they do. If the Giants rest all those players and Viking doesn't win, they are not a team that belongs in the play offs.

  2. "The Vikings suck because they are coached by a retarded looking bird that resembles a vulture"

    That's freakin great. I seriously thought at one point when he was holding up his play sheet in front of his face, that he was not calling plays, but rather just hiding the fact that he was applying lipstick Silence of the Lambs style.

    Oh well, now I have to live right for another week to try to will the Panthers over the Saints to win the East and a first round Bye.

  3. At least your team is playing meaningful games in December. As a Lions fan, I am stuck with the utter stench left behind by Millens noxious drafts. Buck the Fears!