Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Topps Is Awesome And Needs To Be Around For Many Years

I saw this posted a while back, and I dont have time to write a rant. I said this would be the worst set ever created and me thinks I was right.

Here is Mario's Post.

Here is My Original Rant.

Im glad the hobby didnt go to shit while I was gone, right?

EDIT: There is now word all over the internet that Topps is in the midst of shutting down huge chunks of its gaming lines. Im beginning to think that a lot of what is happening hobby wide will continue to affect the industry in weeks to come. Interesting....


  1. Yea there is just something intrinsically wrong with the Topps company. How they've managed to stay afloat for the past couple years with dumb products coupled with their horrible customer service is beyond me. So much for your break eh? haha.

  2. Couldn't agree more. This is by far the stupidest product I have ever seen. Absolutely horrible. To top it off, they have a rip party video on the home page of blowout that has to be the most annoying thing I've ever seen.

  3. The only way to explain Topps insisting that stickers autos be used on these cards is the heavy consumption of alcohol. This should make them even more leary of your threat to stab them in the liver with a dull knife. Here's hoping someone over there scraps this sticker auto ridiculousness if only for the well being of their already compromised livers.

    If such a day comes, we will have you to thank Gellman.

  4. Al Bundy will not stand for this. It is time for No Ma’am to step in and remove these “girlie men” from their positions of creative designs at TOPPS and replace these “ladies” with the right guys. Men want football autographs “on card”. The only place for stickered auto’s should be on any woman we claim or on women we have been with. Men want actual game used patches not these manufactured hunks of junk made by chin lu hung. Besides who wouldn’t want a real game used patch card of a guy that scores 4 td’s in a game? And finally, men deserve something good….cheerleader game worn outfit cards which include panties and bra’s. Nothing says happiness like opening a up a gameday worn bra booklet. Who’s with me on this?

  5. The base looks very nice, the rest of the product is crap. If they built the product around the base card design and had on card autos it could have been good.

    Manufactured patches are 10x worse than sticker autos. Sticker autos actually look good in some products where they are hidden in the design, while horrible in others.

  6. Good God, man -- those are an abomination!

    By the way, I'm pushing for a "Williams Wall" double jock set -- on the premise Topps would have to handle said unwashed equipment as punishment for this crap.

  7. I think a "leg used" Burress bullet would be better.