Tuesday, December 16, 2008

2009 NFL Pro Bowl Rosters Are Up

And the Vikings basically have their whole defense in the game. Nice. Some obvious selections in Peterson and Kevin Williams, with Jared Allen and Patty McFatty as reserves, and my main man Antoine Winfield as the gem of the NFC secondary.

See, this is a great story, as Antoine has been a great, I mean fucking balls out awesome head cracking corner in this league for years . He has never even had a sniff of the Pro Bowl because the guy doesnt run his mouth like Porter, or dance like Ray Lewis. Besides, its a cliche to say that someone plays every game like its the Super Bowl, but he does, and he makes it seem like its 4th and 1 from the 1 yard line with the game riding on the stop. I love watching him, and I am so glad he made it, AND as a starter. Good for him.

Cue the Antoine hit punishment reel.


We got a clip?

No clip?

Okay no clip.

So, even though the game is a sham, and needless injuries happen every so often, its still nice to have some of the Viking Ship in Hawaii.

Some other surprises: Chris Johnson makes it as a rookie, I dont think anyone saw that coming, especially with Matt "I H8 U" Forte not making it on the other side of the ball. Hell, even Matty Ice didnt make it, and he took his team to somewhere from no mans land. Another interesting note, Reggie Bush is shut out again from Hawaii even though his punt returns have been masterful this year. Lastly, maybe they should just have the kicker and the punter from the Super Bowl winner every year, it would save us a lot of time.

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