Monday, December 22, 2008

Please, Do Us All A Favor And Read This

A few days ago, I asked Mario why he was hesitant to take a kill shot on Beckett, that his posts seemed like they were teeming with anger, but didnt really cast any shadows of suspicion. He said that it was a matter of the fact that his vendetta was more personal than business. Chris Olds had fucked him one too many times and he was sick of that.

Then, the Prime Cuts break happened, and a lot of things changed. He posted this article, the best thing I have seen on his blog in a long time. That is saying a lot, because there is so much awesome stuff on Wax Heaven, that for me to say this is the best, is tremendous.

Here are some highlights:

Dave created an icon for bloggers to put in their sidebar to show they support Sports Cards Uncensored (link). Rather than respond to the issue, Beckett has decided to mock Fielder’s Choice by creating their own version of the image and putting it in their sidebar. At first I thought this was somewhat humorous but by just tossing it up on their site without explanation it shows that they do hear your complaints and just don’t give a rat’s ass about them.

[After the call out on Wax Heaven] Beckett Media responds with a “random” bust of one of their forum users. Considering there is about 20 people left on their message boards, this was clearly an attempt to save the product (and their reputation). Good try Eric but it’s clear at least on the Internet that this product and your box breaks are pure shit and everyone knows it.

Please do us all a favor and check out these three posts.

3 Reasons Beckett Is Getting Desperate

The Real Victim of Loaded Boxes

Is This Who Beckett Caters To?

Lastly, Wax Heaven has dubbed SCU as blog of the year in the end of the year awards, and I am humbled by that. Mario is the face of the card blogs, with more visitors in a month than this blog has had since its start, so I would think he is the true winner. Either way, thank you for that, its a good way to start a week that could be really, really bad for this hobby due to a number of things that will be happening.


  1. I hope the jpg, spreads like wildfire. Badwax supports you Adam! It'son the front top sidebar of my site.

  2. Haha, cool thanks. Big ups to dave for that idea.

  3. Congrats on the blog of the year award. That's great.