Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Obvious News Of The Day: Beckett Needs A Diaper Change

Putting his own neck out there and risking a lot, Mario has posted the proof from his experience with Upper Deck and the collicky babies over at Beckett. Mario's contact at UD had sent him some exclusives for his site, and as I have said before, Hackler put on his pull ups and toddled to the phone to call his people to let them know that it was "*CRY* NOT FAIR *CRY*" that Mario was getting stuff before them.

That was the end of the exclusives for Mario, and its now become painfully obvious that Beckett loathes us as much as we loathe them. The problem is that we cater to their customers too, and this is pretty damning evidence for us to exploit on the behalf of the right and the just. See, remember when the comments were flying and Beckett stood by the fact that the hobby was just meant to be fun and that doing what we do here at SCU was pointless? Well if this is what they truly believe, than this should not have happened. Its all supposed to be about fun, until someone else puts their flag at the top of the mountain, right?

Listen people, you can hate me for who I am all you want. You can defend Beckett until you are blue in the face. The issue will remain that the people at Beckett are awful, horrible people who dont care about anyone but themselves. They have no responsibility to you as a collector, and the magazine and site reflect the fact that truth is secondary to the BJs they give to their contacts at the manufacturers.

Glad to see that we are finally getting a clearer picture of what happens in Texas - and look, there happens to be a naked guy inadvertantly in the background! I hate when that happens!

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  1. I love how Eric & Chris are playing the sympathy card all over the blogosphere and in comments after they were exposed.