Monday, December 22, 2008

2008 Threads Baseball Break

As for my Chrome FB break, I got more out of this video than I got out of my box.


  1. Not bad on the Weglarz card. Tribe drafted him in 05, and he really hasn't performed great for us in the minors. Last season he was in our Hi-A club and had a decent average with a solid OPS (.828). His K's are down and his walks are good too. He's also just turned 21, so hopefully he has a future for us.

    Love the panda video, solid post.

  2. What? No shoeless? No Rose patch/auto? I thought all the boxes had those.

  3. Carlos Carrasco is the number one prospect in the Phils system - although he probably projects as a #2 starter at best.

    how do they get him bunting. Pitchers don't even bat in most minor league games anymore.