Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blog Bat Around - My Flag In The Soil Of The Second World

Man, when I posted this topic for the bat around, it was something that I had wanted to hear about for a long time. We always get posts from everyone, but we never really get why the posts are coming in the first place. Im not talking about why they are posting on the blog, but why they are collecting what they are collecting.

For me, I think I have a few labels I would use to describe myself, and all of them are things that have shaped my collection, my blog posts, and even my wax busting. What is funny is that 10 years ago, I dont think there were half the labels that exist right now, but now, I use most of those as my own descriptive words. I think it just goes to show how much this hobby has changed and I will stand by the fact that I think it is a good thing for everyone.

As a second worlder first and foremost, I feel that there are quite a few stigma that come with the title, but frankly I couldnt and wouldnt have it any way. Being a second world inhabitant, you first need to know what you are in for, and Im not sure if I did that before jumping in head first. Second worlders by nature would rather get that jersey card instead of the base card, the auto instead of the jersey, and the auto jersey more than the auto. I call it the Pyramid of AWESOMENESS.

This also means that they dont buy a product for the base, and I would even go so far as saying that most of them either give the base away or chuck it. Products like Topps base mean nothing, unless there is some sort of guaranteed hit per box that carries and holds value. Instead we second worlders spring for Leaf Limited, SP Authentic, and Exquisite, and we are a very proud people.

The problem is that when you bust products like that, the return is pretty minimal. Most of the time, you can spend in upwards of 200 per box, and get nothing in return other than an unsold box hit on eBay. Alas, the plight of the second world box breaker.

For me, on the other hand, I consider myself a second world collector rather than a second world breaker. This means when I buy something, I dont waste my money on buying base cards or 2 dollar jerseys, I spend bigger. I buy the expensive stuff. In my Peterson collection, I find that my average sell value of a card is more than 50 dollars. I have a 400 dollar plus card of Peterson and I display it proudly. The thing is, that fact is not necessarily a good thing , as it means that when I want to be happy with a purchase, I need to spend more. This is a double edged sword in every sense of the word, because I end up with eye popping cards, but a small bank account and a pretty small quanity. Yet, for as long as I have collected, I think that I have enjoyed being a quality over quantity guy, and most poor second worlders are the same as me. Sadly, due to this reality, I cant swim in my cards like Don West, and that makes me feel inadequate in the blogosphere (with most people having 5000+ cards), but still awesome in the fact that my entire collection is able to be displayed all the time.

Narrowing it down even further, I am a Second World player collector and team collector too because the only non-expendable parts of my collection are all Twins and Vikings. Again, a double edged sword in that I have to spend more and be specific in what I buy, but I dont have to buy AS often. I like that, give the wallet a rest after kicking it in the nuts.

I think the reason I have chosen this is because I dont like having most of my collection out of sight. I like to stand naked in front of my accomplishments and feel like a true man on a mission. Be primitive, be proud, be VULGAR about your love for things, go big or go home. My mantra. In fact, I think that MO is why this blog has been as successful as it has. You know you love it, right Eric? Regardless, I cant do that if my trophies are collecting dust in a shoebox, and that is why I love the way I collect.

As for the manufacturers and their support of my way of life in this hobby, I have to say that they are doing a moderately good job. They are guaranteeing more for people who bust second world stuff, and making those breaks more valuable. With Beckett becoming more and more cenile in their old age, the prices arent that bad either when you buy them in a sane world with no reference of book value. However, they still havent done all the things that I need them to do, all of which were explained a few posts ago. Get those cards in cases, give us more to look forward to, make those patches more colors, and no more damn stickers! Im looking at you Topps and DLP.

Most importantly give me better cards to put on my shelf, make the cards more awesome than they have ever been, make 1997 look like a cake walk, make them have bigger and badder concepts with completely new ideas. Put your flag in the effing soil and claim your territory as the manufacturer of legend. I will follow, and I wont be the only one.


  1. It's great to hear from a 'second worlder' perspective. I also know to be more selective when compiling a stack of Twins for you. :-) I will say there is something of a 'middle ground' if you will: binders. No, I can't directly se my collection, and yet there it is right in front of me in labeled binders, ready to exposed to sunlight at a moment's notice. No shoeboxes for my guys!

  2. I think you are unigue in the card blogosphere. The one true "second worlder" I love getting your take on things because I know they will usually be something that I hadn't considered. Of all the great blogs around, I think SCU is the one that would leave the biggest void if it went away.