Friday, November 7, 2008

2 Boxes of 2007 Leaf Limited

After I jump in the shower, I am heading to the post office to drop off all of the packages from the 2008 Leaf Limited Break. I know there were some people who couldn't get in on the first break because of payday discrepancies and the time of the break, so I am going to do the next sign up with no down time.

This break is going to be for 2 boxes of 2007 Leaf Limited. It is a decent (i.e. my favorite from 07) mid-range product and will allow us to have a lower spot cost for those who might be feeling the tight economic times a little more than others. Here is the product info:

Configuration: 1 pack per box. 7 cards per pack.

* 3 autograph or memorabilia cards(at least 1 autograph).

* A cut signature card
* A Lettermen card
* An autographed Limited Slideshow card

Here are the details for the break:

1) 2 boxes of 2007 Leaf Limited Football
2) $14 buys you one slot and each slot is for 2 random teams
3) Payments can be sent to: (unlike the last break if you are buying more than one slot you can do it all at one time since there aren't copious amounts of base cards to ship out)
4) Please make sure to include your screen name and your address if you don't have it registered with paypal.
5) Random team assignments will be videotaped (via and then posted here and on youtube
6) Boxes will be ordered once all 16 slots are filled
7) Break will be videotaped and posted on here (with nice card scans) and on youtube
8) Slots are taken as payment is received (i.e. your name isn't added until payment is received)

I think this should be a pretty fun break and I am hoping that our newly started "good break" streak will continue.


1. Holy Hitter (paid)
2. Darkship (paid)
3. Darkship (paid)
4. Cardboard Addiction (paid)
5. psad21 (paid)
6. psad21 (paid)
7. oldschoolbreaks (paid)
8. voluntarheel (paid)
9. voluntarheel (paid)
10. wheeler281 (paid)
11. wheeler281 (paid)
12. groat (paid)
13. sonic (paid)
14. caspalta (paid)
15. Cardboard Addiction (paid)
16. Holy Hitter (paid)


  1. Patment sent for 1 spot. If it doesn't fill in a couple of days, I'll buy another spot. C'mon Vikings!

  2. Just sent payment for 2 spots. Thanks!

  3. Just sent for 2 also. Thanks Guys

  4. Ah, you know I can't resist. This looks like it'll fill up quite quickly, so I'll take a single slot and give some others a chance to join.

    Just wanted to say that I love the SCU breaks. Circumstances prevent me from currently busting wax personally, and watching these videos is really the next best thing.

  5. Check this out...

    Any chance we can get that lucky with our boxes!

  6. If this doesn;t fill up by monday I'll buy anoth spot or two.

  7. I just sent payment (instead of patment)for spot #2. I'm feeling an Adrian Peterson!