Friday, October 31, 2008

You Best Be Signin' Up Fools

If you havent seen the shear awesomeness that is coming out of Leaf Limited, you are missing the fuck out. Get signed up for our 3 box break with the Holiest of Hitters, and I swear that our streak of bad luck will break if you believe in us. BELIEVE!

Do it. Do it.

Send the paypal to and we can get this beast moving.


  1. Gellman-

    You might want to adjust this post. It is a 3 box break and not a 4 box break. Just to make sure no one feels jipped. Only 4 spots to go.

  2. I'd like to mention that Atlanta Sports Cards is having a pretty good sale right now on Football stuff. I don't know if you guys are tied to a certain reseller; if not the Limited boxes are at a hot price.