Thursday, October 9, 2008

Its Time To Say Im Sorry...

Well for a lot of people out there, today is the day of repentence, and I feel its time that maybe I offered some apologies to those I have hurt while doing this blog. They may not deserve it, but I feel its time.

First, to Topps, I am sorry for making fun of your awful products and your ungodly foil stickers from 2004. Even though the rest of the industry has become a design factory, you stick with the same old shit every year. I guess, for some people, static is better than dynamic and I am sorry for reveling in your incompetance. Your foil stickers may be the worst looking thing I have ever seen on a card, but you probably have a stash of them somewhere that you bought pre-2000, so I guess thats fine. Im sorry.

Second, to the Baseball Card Blog, I am sorry that I completely owned your posts on a few occasions when it comes to a world without a price guide. I am also sorry that I made fun of the lack of connection with the current hobby, I know you probably have a lot of fun looking at base cards from 1988. I guess if I needed to relive my childhood through cards, I would pick that year too.

Third, to all the Joe Collectors out there, im sorry for making you a focal point of idiocy for our hobby. Most of you seem to enjoy posting maildays on youtube and your seemingly never ending flow of "last pack mojo." You are right, I am completely jealous and I am just doing this because I feel empty inside. I am sorry.

Fourth, to all the patch fakers out there, im sorry for showing people that you dont have souls. I know you are just trying to make a living and you cant help if there is a dork out there who will buy your Adrian Peterson NFL logo patch numbered 5/1500. I am sorry.

Lastly, and most importantly, to everyone at Beckett, I am sorry for convincingly destroying your rep with close to 40,000 people who have visited this site. It wasnt fair for me to expose you as the douchebags you are without warning, and it was not cool that I showed everyone how irrelevant and underhanded you constantly are. You deserve to die a respectful death in the bargain bin at Barnes and Noble, and it was not my place to speed it up. Yes, it will be a sad day when you go under, because I will no longer have anything funny to write about you.

Whew, that was tough. Some times its good to get things off your chest.


  1. I wish a happy Yom Kippur to you, Gellman. My wife is Jewish, but I am not. She took off from work today to sit in the temple and not eat. It's the one day a year that I am glad to be a gentile!

  2. I'm sorry for being caught looking for "hot" pictures of Sarah Palin last night.

    Oh wait...this was hobby related?

  3. Gellman, l'shanah tovah!

    Ha, though this made me spit out my diet coke all over the screen. Since I cant eat anything else, Im pretty fucked now.

    Great fucking post!

  4. Gellman, your affinity for sarcasm is exceeded only by your ability to bitch.

    And shouldn't you apologize to Donruss for expecting more than single colored napkins in our $120 box?

  5. ha, this is true. I guess all my training has paid off.

  6. Classic! I have used "douchebaggery" with my friends, they think it's awesome. Some of the words you invent...

  7. Did someone say hot pictures of Sarah Palin??

    Ooh boy howdy you betcha! (winks)

  8. I will not apologize for making fun of topps paradigm

  9. Yeah, no one is asking for an apology, I dont even think topps is.