Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Roy Williams Dealt To Dallas, Kitna Guarantees 80 TD Passes Next Year

Roy Williams is in big D and the Lions continue to be in the crapper. Thank the lord. I was very suprised to hear this trade because it was the one team I was not expecting to see him go to. Jerry Jones knows his season is in jeopardy with Brad Johnson at the helm for the next month, and I bet he thought that surrounding him with good receivers would make a difference. I laugh in the direction of his massive jowels.

The fact that Williams was approaching the end of a contract that the Lions couldnt re-up, and because playing in Deetwah with Kitna is about as exciting as watching a video tape of Martin Gramatica celebration leaps, he is probably quite happy to be out of there. Plus its going to be fun to watch the Lions run out of the back of the end zone on a 0-16 season.

As for the hobby impact, Williams' cards get a big bump as Cowboy players always get huge fan support. Its kind of like the Steelers. The problem I forsee is not even him, but the threat he poses on TO's spotlight. With the megalomaniacal behavior that TO exhibits on a weekly basis, I could see Williams having issue. TO complains about Williams getting more attention, Williams plays better, TO gets more angry, Romo falters more, its a vicious cycle.

Funny enough, Williams was the only bright draft pick under Millen's reign of terror (Calvin is too young still), and Im sure that the fans of the motor city kitties are pretty much not going to show up without him there. I wouldnt. What's the point?

They may have gotten a first rounder, that will probably be mid teens, along with a definite #1 with their awful team, but they are a long, long.....................

...............long way from being anything ever again. Wow.


  1. The Cowboys will be just fine offensively with Brad Johnson at the helm. I really worry about the Cowboys defense right now.

    As for the Lions, they suck and there is no hope for them. With Kitna being out for the year, I really feel sorry for Calvin Johnson.

  2. I think TO's numbers will go up with Roy Williams there. I don't think we can expect him to do much this season with learning a new offense and not being able to work with Romo for another 4 weeks. But he'll draw the over-shift away from TO and should open things up for him.

    I'm just glad Jerry didn't give up 2 #1 picks like he did for Joey Galloway.

    I give Pacman 2 years until he's sharing a cell with OJ or Rae Carruth.